Viva-cité GM

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  1. ahh...i am buying my mother a new purse soon and of course it's gotta b LV =D. but i really wanted to get her something classic, like the speedy 30, something that she'd be able to use forever, since she's not one to go out and buy an updated LV bag every season.

    i took her to the elux site and she wants the Viva-cité GM. okay, i'll say i balked at first because i could get TWO speedy 30s at this price. but i thought about it and i'm going to get it for her because that's what she wants. i guess that medium black chanel 2.55 will have to small white 2.55 will have to be alone for a while.

    anyways, i wanted to know if anyone here has that bag and what you think of it? i don't think it's a very popular bag, i hadn't really heard of the name before.
  2. First off, how nice of you to buy your mom a new bag!

    I have this bag and it's great! I LOVE the outside pockets, they're so handy for things that you don't want to get lost in your bag. Plus, the one wide strap is super comfy and doesn't slip off your shoulder like some other straps do.
  3. You are such a sweetie to buy your mum a LV. Get her the one she wants that she will enjoy using.