Viva-cité GM..what do you think?

  1. I was wondering what any of you thought about this bag. Do you think it is too big. How does it compare to the BH.

    Thanks everyone.
  2. i don't think it's too big. i personally prefer the vuitton multipli-cité though. i love big bags ;)
  3. It's a big bag, but I love it.
    Might be a PITA to get in and out though.
    Everytime I see it in celebrity pictures, the buckle is undone.
    I guess it gets annoying to keep doing it up everytime you need to open and close the bag.
  4. Which buckle? The only buckles I see on this bag are the buckles for the straps. I think you're mistaking it for the Manhattan GM.:amuse:

    I read that a member on this forum had problems with straps that aren't sewn on to the canvas itself, the replaceable straps.:amazed:

    The bag looks beautiful, and it's smaller in width compared to the BH. I have the BH, and it holds everything. You can adjust the width of the bag on the side straps, and carry a laptop. The Viva Cite GM has it's advantages because unlike the BH it has a zipped top. But if you're looking to carry more, then go with the BH. I like the fact that the Viva Cite GM has the shoulder strap coming from the ends of the bag it just seems more comfy to me. I still love my BH though!:love:
  5. I had one but sold it. I found it too big and the squareness of it made it uncomfortable to carry under the arm. I now have a popincourt haut and the triangular shape makes it more comfortable, this would probably be the same for the BH. I did love those great outside pockets though! LOL!