Viva cite gm strap question....need your expertise plz

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  1. I just saw a lady in the mall with a viva cite gm and am now interested in it. Could someone please help with an answer to this question, are there some of this style bag with a pivoting strap and some without?

    I searched for an answer and this question was asked years ago by someone else on the forum but no one ever answered.

    I've also checked lots of reseller sites and you can't tell from the pictures, most show photos with the strap straight up, only a few show the strap pivoted, not sure if that's because the straps don't pivot on some? Help please
  2. I don't know what you mean by "pivoting". The handles are attached via buckles so there is no rotating of the straps if that's what you mean.
  3. Thanks so much for your reply twin-fun. I found some pics on ebay to (hopefully) demonstrate what I mean by the handles that pivot versus those that don't. In the first two pics, if you look closely you'll see a silver rivet that attaches the piece of vachetta containing the buckle to the bag. In the last two, this same piece of vachetta is actually sewn to the side of the bag as opposed to being held by the rivet. The rivet is what allows the handle to "pivot" so that if you're looking down directly over the top of the bag, you can move the handle toward the front or rear of the bag to see directly down into the inside. When the vachetta piece is sewn onto the bag, you cannot move the handle to the front or back of the bag, it has to stay straight up and down.

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  4. I guess my question is, did LV really make this bag with two different versions of shoulder strap or one of them a fake or something?
  5. The pivoting one I believe to be fake