Vitello Daino Hobo help!

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  1. Hi ladies, i have been wanting a new nice classic bag for awhile and i was thinking of getting the chloe paraty bag. as i browsed around the purse forum more and more, however, i figured the paraty bag isn't a classic and then i stumbled upon the prada section and fell in love with the vitello daino hobo!!

    i'm a complete newb on anything prada ... any other prada suggestions that aren't too expensive?

  2. oh and 1 more thing... while i love the hobo, i also liked some of the prada bags i've seen that have both totes and can be worn across the body as well :biggrin:
  3. ^ Those messenger bags are my favorite..keep browsing through the Prada forum for pics...check Saks/Neimans websites..if you find something you like post it and see what the others here have to say about it...You may want to do a search in the Miu Miu forum as well..These 2 forums used to be one..and when it was split..we Prada lovers lost a TON of pics/posts in the merger...HTH!!!!
  4. Welcome to Prada forum lookitslisa, good advice from Emmy. Can check style drops and raffaello network for styles also, but wouldn't purchase from them, as more expensive.

    Let us know what you decide.
  5. IMO, chloe classic is paddington and prada classic is gauffre