1. Who here has tried them?

    what do you think?

    i ordered form then in the past, and they were excellent for breakfast on the run.. then i found a piece of cardboard, or paper inside one of the choclate vitatps..and it totally turned me off!!

    now i'm thinking of ordering some agian cuz they're not high in calories and yummy..but i still remember biting into that mushy paper...yuck!!
  2. HaHa ewwww! I've never tried them but I can see why that turned you off! Gross!
  3. I have a box in the fridge and I only ate one... :push: I tried tricking DH to eat them but he said NO right after seeing the box. He says he knows they'll taste funny.
  4. I thought the brownies were alright. But, I thought the muffins were really gross, had a weird texture and really bad aftertaste. I could not even taste the chocolate in them! For 100 calories, I'd rather have so many other things!