Vitamix - worth the price tag?

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  1. Any of you out there have a Vitamix? Are they worth $500?

    What do you like/not like? I'm not a baker so have no use for the bread feature, etc. Feedback from users would be most appreciated.
  2. I'm in LOVE with my vita-prep, and think its absolutely worth the price! But, that all depends on what you're using it for. I'm a chef, so I find it absolutely essential for high volume/density foods-like today making a liquid gel. But if its just for general use, it will be more efficient, but not necessary.
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    I don't know what a Vita-prep is, is it the same thing as a Vitamix?

    I bought a Vitamix Total Nutrition Centre.
  4. I absolutely love it and use it all the time. I prefer to prepare my own foods, so it's one of my most used devices. I make my own nut milks, piping hot soups and nutrition drinks in it and grind my own flour and coffee beens with the dry pitcher. Because my dad has swallowing issues from a stroke, it also makes purred foods for him. It's so much more versatile than a blender.

    I purchased mine at a vitamix road show at Costco for 395 and added the dry pitcher option for 90. They also had a smaller wet pitcher for 70 that I don't need. Even if you bought all three, it's still 50.00+ less than the deluxe package that incles the same pitchers from vitamix.

    If you decide to get one, you won't be disappointed.
  5. ^^^^^ same here! It's amazing. You will not be disappointed.
  6. I already bought one (mentioned the model I have and paid $500). Now am wondering if I should keep it.

    Thanks for your feedback.
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    Oh. I didn't know the total nutrition centre was a model (maybe some nutrition program w/o the machine? lol) and I thought you were asking if you were to spend $500, if it was worth it. The only household ones I'd seen had model numbers, and mine is the 5200. Did yours come with a wet and dry pitcher? I'm not sure which one yours is, but if it's similar, then it's a great appliance. You don't need to be a baker or avid cook to use it, and actually i'm quite the opposite and constantly on the the go. It has encouraged me to eat healthier and prepare my own ingredients. I had 30 days to try mine, and I wouldnt dream of taking it back.
  8. I bought one about 2 years ago and couldn't believe I was spending so much money on a blender. My kids make tons of crushed ice drinks and I wanted something that could take the punishment of every day use. This blender has held up really well and we all love it!
  9. If anyone wants one they were on QVC today for $375 I think and free shipping as well as offered on easy pay. I really wanted to get one but I think I will wait til the next time they are on their site.

    The soup and sorbet thing has me so intrigued LOL
  10. I returned mine yesterday.
  11. How come you returned it? I actually decided to buy it off QVC LOL

    I couldnt decide and then I went on youtube and saw people making soup, ice cream, etc. I always have a few bananas left over that the kids wont eat. Now I will put them in the freezer and use them for a quick dip of ice cream for lunch.

    Next year I will plant a bigger vegetable garden and I do plan on getting peach & apple trees for a small orchard. So I think this will come in handy.
  12. we've had one over 10 yrs and love it. well worth it.
  13. BEST blender ever. I can never use another type.
  14. so easy to make smoothies and soups! it's the same blender used at Jamba Juice!
  15. Now *I* want one!