vitamins for the hair, skin and nails

  1. does it really work? are there any side effects on using it? i might want to try one... any opinions? advice? TIA! :yes:
  2. I was having some toenail issues...basically I needed to grow out my toenails to get rid of some damage on them, and my doctor recommended that I take prenatal vitamins to help them grow faster and stronger. This isn't going to be very useful, because I wasn't all that religious about taking them. But...I figure if a doctor recommended them there must be something to them! Also, don't take a prenatal + a regular vitamin, it's not necessary.
  3. I take Biotin, which is a natural metabolism booster that also improves thickness and growth for hair and nails. I was a nail-biter for many years, and after a couple months of taking a daily Biotin supplement, my nails are finally growing again.
  4. Hi everyone!

    I've heard that taking Biotin and also Prenatal vitamins will help with hair growth and nail growth... my hair hasn't been looking very shiny and so I'm hoping that taking those vitamins will help.

    But I do have a few questions: Does taking Biotin/Prenatal vitamins have any side effects? It's kind of scary to me, especially the prenatal vitamins, because I don't know if it will cause any side effects such as weight gain or water retention. Does anyone know of any possible side effects?

    Also, where should I go and buy those vitamins? Do you suggest a particular health food store (maybe Whole Foods) or should I go to a vitamin store such as GNC? Thank you so much!!!

    P.S. Mods, please move this thread if I posted it under the wrong category! Hehe I wasn't sure if I should post it in Beauty or Health/Fitness. Thank you!
  5. if you're taking the vitamins for shin, you could always have you stylist apply a gloss/glaze to your hair... i'm not sure if taking prenatal vitamins is a good idea. you could get an overload of certian vitamin. i'm not a medical professional, so i could be way off base.
  6. I am currently taking Biotin for the past 2 weeks whcih I bought at GNC. A friends of mine had great improvement to her hair while taking Biotin, so far I don't so a differenec yet
  7. I felt bloated with prenatal vitamins. I hated them but my hair looked healthy.
  8. Ah I just typed something that disappeared...anyway...

    Biotin, and Vitamin b12 should be enough. Prenatal you have to have a prescription from the GYN/OB, and it gives an extra boost in Iron, etc.

    You can go right to walmart to by need to go to GNC.

    I use Biotin and B12 and been taking a multi by Nioxin made specifically for hair growth....The link below is the company I bought mine from . I got the 90 count.
  9. A general all purpose multi vit should help improve your hair there is no need to go for specific prenatal vits
  10. I def noticed an improvement with hair/nail vitamins. The combo vitamins are best and you can get them at walmart. Your nails will grow so fast! So I stopped lol since it's more maintenance. I do occasionally still take biotin though. I wouldn't take a prenatal. The hair/nail combo vitamins work great.

  11. Sorry, i meant to add to my original post also, that I do not think that you need the prenatals either.
  12. I bought a bottle of vitamins at a holistic pharmacy. They were specifically advertised to encourage hair and nail growth. I can't remember the name, but it wasn't a brand I had ever heard of before. Anyway, after a couple of weeks I did notice stronger nails and hair, but the downside was that my eyes started burning and the whites turned yellow! It was crazy. I stopped the vitamins and my eyes cleared up.
  13. Agree with pretty much everyone else. Just take a multivitamin. You can get prenatals OTC, but like someone mentioned they do have higher amounts of some vitamins a non pregnant woman doesnt need & may get sick from. Drinking lots of water & eating lots of fruits veggies help too. Use can also go to a good health food store & see what supplement(s) they recommend. You can get hair glossing done at the salon or you can pick up a bottle of Clairol Jazzing at Sally's in clear & do it yourself. Key for getting good results is HEAT. Apply it, put on a shower cap, & hit it up with a blow dryer for 30 minutes. Voila!

  14. If you were seeing yellow, then that product had way toooooo much iron in it.....where you taking iron supplements with it also?

    Just do Biotin, and a b12 vitamin...along with a multivitamin.
  15. Totally agree with the gloss....I can;t remember the brand I use, but man, those things do make your hair shine!