Vitamin Water

  1. I also LOVE Vitamin Water. I buy it by the case at Costco :tup:
  2. I love the 50 Cent one, yummy grape! I could drink it by the gallon. I know it's basically sugar water but it's better than soda and curbs my appetite! Tho it sure makes me pee like a LOT. =P
  3. I love vitamin water! Its kind of a luxury grocery item for me at the moment. :sad:
  4. I wish my SO would stop chugging it, but he drinks a ton of the pink one, not sure what it is, maybe dragonfruit or something
  5. i am going to try it. :smile:
  6. love it. my favorite is the lemonade, the yellow and the orange colored one.
  7. I love the grape one--I think that it is one of those polarizing drinks, you either love it or hate it--my mom and sister dislike it intensely, but I really like it
  8. the whole family loves vitamin water. we buy couple of cases at a time. a couple of months ago there were none on the shelves due to a vendor problem. lots of others on the market but this one is the best!
  9. I like vitamin Water also. I've tried alot of them but my favorites are DragonFruit, Grape and I think the next one is called Green tea but not positive. It been a while since I bought some.
  10. I LOVE vitamin water. My favorite is dragonfruit! So yummy : )
  11. Costco has there own line of this (made by the Vitamin water people) that is sugarfree. It actually has more vitamins than the original.
    Oh man, what did I do. Its hard enough to find this now!
  12. ^thanks Vegas! sugar free vitamin water *running to Costco* lol.
  13. I love it! There isn't a flavor I DON'T like! I like their Fruit Water too. :tup:
  14. 150 calories of high fructose.....