Vitamin A swimwear

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  1. I was wondering if any of you own swimsuits from this designer. They are really cute, and I could mix and match everything. Are they worth the price? Do they hold up well? Also, how is the fit? I really like Vix and think those suits fit me very well. Thanks!!
  2. I just bought my first one earlier this summer but have only worn it once or twice. I would say very similar to Vix in fit. The material itself seems a little thinner. Maybe because it's lined with the same material and not the standard white/black lining as others.

    Not sure how well they hold up but as long as you are handwashing, etc. I would think it would be like any other brand.

    I'd like to get another in a print so I can mix and match with the solid bronze I already have.
  3. Wow, ok yeah I have one of these, in a very vibrant colour with BIG chunky metal accents and a cut I've never tried. I'm not sure what I was thinking in the shoppe, it was very unlike me!

    DH loves it. Thin, breathes nice, very sexy and holds it's shape. I think it was worth it, a nice change from my usual! Splurge on their unique pieces. Anyone can buy a traingle top black bikini. Get the funky Sea-Glass colour, and a cool cut.

    Have fun and good luck!!