Vita Bracelets???

  1. I have posted in other threads how I only wear $$$ jewelry usually like David Yurman, Lagos, or just other real jewels that my Mom has been nice enough to share. Recently, I started expanding my tastes, and have dabbled in Kenneth Jay Lane for some necklaces and rings. Then I got crazy with a couple of CC Skye pieces. While I was at it, I decided to try the Vita bracelets. I saw them on the Neiman Marcus website and on the back of their catalog, so I was like hmmm ok they look really cute and fun.

    I went online and found them at a very nice online boutique that has been mentioned several times on TPF for selling amazing things. I come home for lunch today to find the package and I'm excited to open it.

    I am not happy. I thought they were going to be really durable and I don't know, just prettier? lol They look somewhat cheap and they are kind of flimsy. Sites like NM charge $75 for the medium and $90 for the large. I got a small, medium, and large from this online boutique and their prices were great, about $30-$40 cheaper than NM or other boutiques. I am well aware that NM and certain other stores mark up their prices on certain items so that is why I went a different route.

    My question is, do any of you guys have these? Do you feel the same way or am I just being a picky person? lol I received my other KJL and CC Skye pieces and did not feel that way about any of them. I thought they were all great quality and worth the price for the most part, plus I got discounts on them from the various online boutiques.

    Sorry for the long post! lol
  2. I looked at these at Neiman Marcus, and I agree with you about the quality. They're gold vermeil I think ... anyway, if you're not happy with it, send it back!
  3. Yeah, I don't have a problem with the gold vermeil part of it. They were just very flimsy otherwise. And, it almost seemed like the "snakeskin" was going to peel off. :wtf:

    I had them packed up hours ago. haha They are just not worth it in my opinion. I don't think I would pay more than $10 for them. And, I have seen plenty of knock offs of them anyways for about that. lol
  4. I have two of them.. one for almost a year now that i wear a couple times a week and it's held up pretty well.. some of the gold plating has obvious worn off but the 'snakeskin' is still perfect. I like them :smile:
  5. I bought a med. sized one from Revolve clothing and I love it. I plan on buying another one.
  6. I have 3 and they have held up beautifully! I wear them almost everyday, they go with everything and I get lots of compliments on them. I buy them off eBay at a discount though, I wouldn't pay anywhere near $75 for one.