1. What is the most visually displeasing Hermes bag (I know it's an oxymoron) you have ever seen? It can be a style or a combination. Share!
  2. The Himalaya.:sick:

    Not visually displeasing, visually distressing and assaulting!!!!
  3. Some of the color combinations give me eyestrain.
  4. Amen to that
  5. Himalaya? :wondering Pics? I personally hate all of those Vibrato Birkins-:sick:
  6. Hi Valley! Do a search for Himilaya and you'll find an old thread where a pic was posted. I don't think I could handle it if we posted it again.

    Yes, it's THAT bad...
  7. GreenTea: I can't seem to find it......... Would you be able to take some gravol and post up the pics!!!

    P.s beautiful avatar...I recently just set my heart on that color choice!!!!
  8. i can´t find the pic of the himalaya either but look i have another wonderful hermès item *enjoy*
  9. AHHHHHH, the horror!!!

    Thank you, Miss V! I hope you get one - you'll love the color!
  10. Lilach: Ewwww...what is that.......

    Greentea: ssooon hopefully reallll sooon!! you find it hard to wear with everyday wear???

    I've tried searching for himalaya as well....and nothing seems to show up ( i guess it was so horrible, hermes prolly sent out a team to retrieve every picture they could to hide the companys shame!) heheheheehe
  11. MissV, Potiron is one of the most versatile colors! You wouldn't think so, but it really goes with 95% of my wardrobe. It's great with all shades of gray, brown and tan, pinks with a little orange in them, most shades of green, AMAZING with navy blue and a great pop of color worn with black and denim. The only color I woudn't wear it with is purple (but I don't wear purple anyway!)
    Get one!!!
  12. booo the pics dont work on the other site!!1 wow this bag is like imposssible to get a pic of...heheehehe