Visual Thread for Wallets? PICS PLEASE!!

  1. Please show a picture of your wallet and how long you've had it for..this way we could look at how the different wallets in different lines age...? :shrugs: i've only had my damier koala wallet for a month or so so it's still in a brand new stage..but i've been reading that some people will have problems with wallets after a few months while others would last for years...:wtf:
  2. There's one in the reference area for the Porte Tresor wallets and there might be another one for another style as well :smile:
  3. Lol I'm stuck on the Chanel board's terms. Here it's the Clubs area :smile:
  4. ...? im not getting what u mean!!

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    I've been wanting to get the Damier Koala Wallet also, but hesitate cuz there's been couple of threads that talks of the ever-so-present scratches. Haven't seen any photos but heard of. Any luck on seeing this from other owners? :shrugs: