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  1. since their are a few designer threads with people carrying/holding their bag i think its time for our fellow fendi members to post pics with them wearing your bag

    all chatting will be deleted please post pics only be sure to include name and if you want you can name outfit designers along with the bags as people love hearing what designers others are wearing

    get posting!!!!!!:yes:
  2. Sorry FENDILUVA, I'm without a digital camera at the moment, but I would love to see pics of your bags :graucho:
  3. i will get picks up when my digitalcamera is working and i need to go to my friends apartment as i dont have a scanner but i will post them i promise you all LV_Addict where are you i know you have some beauties!
  4. Here are some pics of me and my spies:

    1. Wisteria:


    2. Metallic:


    3. Fortuny:


    4. Cognac:


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  5. here are pictures of me with two of my Fendis:

    Fortuny Hologram Spy


    White Linen/Black Patent B.Bag

  6. Gorgeous!!!! You look amazing with all your spies!!!
  7. irene and sandra .. :drool::drool:
  8. Zucca Spy

    Attached Files:

  9. LV Addict, that fortuny Spy is DELICIOUS!!!!!!! :drool:

    Moon1978, hopefully soon, I'll be a proud owner of a Zucca Spy myself. That was the first Spy I fell in Love with!

    Ladies, you all look so nice with your bags!:yes:
  10. Katgrrrl, you'll love it. I love mine :yes:

    Here is a better pic as the other one was kind of dark.

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  11. Moon1978, thanx for the pic. One thing I can't help but notice about Spy girls is that you all dress your :censor: off! If the chicks in Hollyweird had the ability to put outfits together like you all, there would be no need for stylists! They could just say no to Rachel Zoe!
  12. you ladies all look so beautiful!
  13. LV_addict: thanks for sharing....i love all the spys you have..are they all the same size? also, where u get yours mostly? i'm trying to buy one and deciding on where and what color....taupe or grey..but they seem to be the same to any suggestions or inputs..thx

  14. I want this Wisteria - soooooooooo beautiful

  15. Thank you!!!:love:
    I bought all of my spies (but cognac) at Fendi counter in HR, Yorkdale. They are all the same size. Sadly, I sold them all but cognac (which technically belongs to my SIL but that's a whole dif. story)!:nuts:

    I think taupe and grey are the same but I could be wrong.

    And thank you ALL very much for the kind words!:kiss:
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