Tech Vista SP2

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  1. i will admit, after downloading SP2 and installing all the windows updates, as well as all the driver updates dell had to offer, my computer has been running a lot smoother. i finally bought office 2007 also, and have windows 7 pre-ordered. know why? Because I am a PC.
  2. do you have to pay for this?
  3. no. who was the manufacturer of your laptop? dell, hp, sony? you should always check regularly for the updates they put for the drivers (and other things like BIOS) as well as run all the windows updates

    it was free, but it was a pain in the ass to install. some of the updates wouldnt install automatically, so i had to record which they were and install them manually. but in the end it was worth it. i'll give macs a try too eventually.
  4. ITA, Vista under sp2 is a huge improvement. Media player no longer freezes up when I exit and it appears that I can actually kill tasks through the task manager without freezing up the system.

    But it refused to install for me also. I googled the errors it was throwing and it turns out that it was a problem with the install files. I had to delete the ones that automatic update had downloaded before I could properly install.

    Vista has been such a PITA. I can't wait for Windows 7.
  5. I have automatic updates from HP, ill check out their website and see if there is anything on there.
  6. Downloading SP2 now...349 MB. It's already getting late it okay if I turn off my computer when I go to bed or will it break the download or something??
  7. shutting off the computer will break the download

    just leave it on and walk away from it. it took me 20-30 minutes to install
  8. What kind of internet do you have? I have optimum (cable), will it be faster?
  9. dsl with att

    i have the option that's better than the minimum. i have a 300k download speed

    but i may eventually get satellite with tmobile or att in addition or in replacement of
  10. We just have cable internet here.