Visitor this morning!!

  1. Thought I would share with the animalicious guys, have seen him around my garden for the past week, last Sunday he was in my back garden, this is a pic of him this morning in the field beside my house!!:heart:
  2. awwww hooray!! a fox right? I've only seen foxes maybe twice in my life. I like em.
  3. Yep, hes gorgeous, think hes only a cub, hes very silly, trying for ages to get into the garden unable to negotiate the gate, then the dog realised so he ran down to the field and got in under the fence. Last week he was what looked like, trying to get up the tree in the back garden, mustve been after a bird or something. Hes probably looking for food, more than likely cleaning up the catfood that I leave out for the feral cats!!:heart:
  4. I'm sure he'd like to eat what I have in my backyard this AM. Desert Quail!

    Must admit I run in these threads thinking "ohh, goody a spider!" I HATE bugs but get a rush out of tramatizing myself by looking at their pictures. The feeling is like riding on the rollar coaster!
  5. Wow! He's a handsome guy, but a little scary too. Looks like you live out in the country. We do too and the fox are all over. My husband was working in the yard one morning and he saw a fox walk up our driveway, walk into our garage and do his, um, "business" right there behind the lawnmower then stroll off.

    Lovely picture! Thanks for sharing!
  6. Cool! We used to have foxes visit our yard in England all the time. It would drive my dog mad!
  7. Yeah, thats how I knew he was there, the dog went mental!!:heart:
  8. oh how cute. my dogs would be bonkers if a fox came in our yard.
  9. Awww!! He's adorable!! I saw a fox a couple years ago for the first time. It was awesome. I, having lived in more populated areas before, thought it was someone's dog. Whoops.
    I have to share pics of the brown bears that come into our yard. I was so happy when spring came and back came Momma Bear with three babies! Seeing them grow is amazing.
  10. Aww he's so cute! I seldom see foxes where I live but they are quite beautiful.
  11. I used to live in a huge apartment complex that bordered some woods. It was still in the city though, so when I went out on my balcony and saw a fox in the woods, I did a serious double take. It was SO BEAUTIFUL!! I have no idea how it ended up so deep inside the city though.
  12. As beautiful as they are, I am not a fan......they eat my chickens:push:
  13. Lovely! We have some foxes in my area, one night I saw mummy and two cubs was such a beautiful sight!

    Last month we went to London and as the train was slowing to go in to the station (fenchurch st station) there was a fox stood there watching the train! I was so shocked to see thise little guy in the city!
  14. Awwww he's a cutie!
  15. Awww---where we used to live there was a fox family in the neighborhood so we saw them often. I think they are beautiful creatures.