Visiting with a question about the Karen python bag--

  1. God, I love this bag!! I think it's beautiful... if you found it at a good price, then go for it. Otherwise, pm and let me know where you found it! LOL....
  2. I love the Karen Python bag too, you are so lucky to get a hold of one!
    the lowest price i saw on this bag is $1,099 at Barneys, i can't justify paying more than $1k for a bag so i didn't buy it, the bag is a killer, to die for......
    let us know what you decide :smile:
  3. Wow! The Barneys price is better than I saw. It was 1400 at NM in San Antonio, Texas. If anyone is interested, the woman named Brenda is a fantastic SA and can find it for you, because I gave it up. Hard decision, but I need to cut back : )
  4.'s a hard decision...
    i would have bought it if it were $800 :p (keep dreaming)
  5. ^ Lol... same here!
  6. Leem, are you in San Antonio too? How great if you are!!:nuts: I can't believe I didn't see this bag while I was there. I remember seeing an exotic skin Capra but not this one. That one was really expensive too. :push: LOL!