Visiting....Went outlet today and got the Optic Hobo, opinions on this bag r/o

  1. I got it in the brown. I wanted the matching wallet but they didn't have it, anyone know where you can get it? I'm not really sure about it but the outlet is 2 hrs away and too far to return. I paid $127. Here is what it looks like...

  2. This is the larger, right?

    I like the print of the chocolate optic best; but I prefer the smaller size one.
    I'm pretty minimalist, though!

    Is it comfortable?
  3. I like it a LOT! Congrats!
  4. That's a beautiful bag. I love chocolate bags. Great choice!
  5. I love it and you got a great deal:tup:
  6. Congrats! You got a great bag at a amazing price!

    I saw those bags last weekend at my outlet for around $200!

    I still haven't figured out why my outlet ALWAYS has higher prices than the ones everyone else goes to.
  7. I really like this bag! Nice find!
  8. I love it and that was a GREAT price!!:okay:
  9. Great bag - and the price WOW! Congratulations.
  10. I personaly like the brighter opticals, but that is really cute! And I don't think I would be able to resist a deal like that!!!:dothewave:
  11. I love it! I had a chelsea hobo and it was sooo comfortable, easy to get into and light.. you will love it! congrats! :tup:
  12. I bought that same bag today at the outlet. It was too good of a price to pass up. I am not usually a fan of the Optic, but I like it in the Chocolate. I carried it this evening out for some more shopping and dinner and it was comfortable. The handle was a bit "squeaky" though - I hope that goes away once it is worn in a bit. Congrats on the new purse!
  13. Gotta love the price!