Visiting Vags soon -which boutique to make my purchases?

  1. oh geeze, sorry for that mispelling...

    best friend and I are off to Vegas in August, and I have a couple items I am going to pic up while there

    - damier pochette
    - dune mini lin ronde

    But which boutique would you recommend? There are so many options so close to each other!

    I've heard the one in the Wynn is great, but isn't there a huge NM there as well???

  2. iv never been to vegas but iv heard the wynn is good. as fashion mike, i know he loves the wynn.
  3. The Wynn is quite good. However, the one in Ceasar's palace had a very lovely SA who was quite helpful.. And there is a huge NM..I loved it!!
  4. If you have time, I'd recommend visiting all three LV boutiques while your'e in Vegas.
  5. I was in Las Vegas earlier this month and my first stop was the LV at Caesar''s. It was awesome and all the SA's were so patient and very nice. Later that day I went to the LV at Fashion Show Mall - it was nice too but I really loved Caesar's. I went back a couple of days later in our trip and bought one more thing. Have fun!!!
  6. all hail ceasers!!!
  7. There are like 5-7 LV boutiques in Vegas (incl. the ones in Fashion Mall) but I would recommend either of the ones below.

    The LV in The Forum Shoppes @ Caesar's carries everything including runway stuff like clothes and jewelry that you don't see at most of the other LV stores. And the SA's at Wynn were super nice & helpful. Definitely worth checking both of them out!
  8. I say visit them all
  9. I would love to visit them all, but my friend is not a handbag lover by any means, so I think the most I could talk her into is maybe two :smile: Sounds like the Wynn and Ceasars are the two I should go to?
  10. Mathew (SA) from Fashion Show mall is extremely helpful. He will be your new best friend :smile:
  11. Where is fashion show mall in relation to the Luxor?
  12. I think it's pretty far down. I bounced back and forth from my friend's room at the Paris to my bf's room at the Luxor and still didn't find the Fashion Show mall lol.