Visiting the Mothership

  1. I'm going to Paris next week and will be there for about a week. I'm planning of course to visit the mothership, but I need a strategy for returning with a black 30cm Birkin (I am not picky about the leather or the hardware; I just want the bag!). Does anyone have any experience? Do I dress nicely and go every day, hoping that someone will decide that I am the one they want to take the bag out for? Or is it totally random, I'll either be lucky or not? (My boss and his wife, who are good customers, went last summer, and the manager of our store here wasn't even able to arrange a personal shopper for the day they wanted to go; she said they would just have to deal with the fact that the vendeuses don't cross sell, and that they would have to go from scarves to ties to small leather goods and deal with the individual sales people!)

    I don't want to come home empty-handed; I need your help with coming up with a strategy!!!
  2. First, I want to wish you all of the luck in the world and have a blast!

    I don't feel I can give you any advice nor a strategy to help you. In your case it is going to just be fate. You could say luck, but I say fate if that 30 black is there for you.

    Enjoy Paris.
  3. No advice, but I hope you have a fabulous time in Paris and at Hermes! Crossing my fingers (and toes) for you! I purchased my first Birkin...a black 35 a few weeks ago...what a thrill!
  4. Do you know any SA's at the Tyson's store? If so, stop by before you go and get their advice. Even if you don't know anyone, stop by just to ask them what's new this season that you might expect to see in Paris.

    I think one of the best things you can do is to express that your desire for a Birkin is based on an appreciation of Hermes quality and fine craftmanship. I think when they sense someone is in it for the "IT" bag experience, they are more reluctant to show items. I'd approach them with a sincere desire to learn from them too--about the leather, colors, stories, etc. It really enhances the experience.
  5. Oh soufflot, how exciting!! From the stories I've heard, it seems to be hit or miss whether or not you are shown something from the back. If you know exactly what you want that may help matters and show that you're not just in there to get any Birkin. It seems that the more specific you are, the more inclined they are to show you something that will suit your preferences. Hopefully some more of our members who've recently returned from the mothership can give you more helpful info!
  6. Hi, buying a heap of scarves will not help. What helps is lookig like you are a genuine Hermes customer. Wear some hermes accessories, there is no guarrante even if you are a VIP that the bag you want will be be open minded. the main store has alot of merhendise... but you have to appeal to the Parisian esthetic:flowers:
  7. ^^That's a lot of great advice! I don't have any to offer, lol, but best of luck to you, soufflot, in your hunt for your dream Birkin!!!
  8. soufflot, I PMed you!
  9. ^^^Ava's right. There is no use in buying a load of accessories or what have you to obtain a birkin. As long as you dress appropriately, seem genuine and sincere, I am sure the SAs over there are willing to help you with whatever concerns you have. It's the mothership after all!

    Good luck and enjoy my dear! ;)
  10. Perhaps it would help if you walk in with one of their purses alraedy, like an Evelyne or a Picotin.
  11. Thank you all! I was planning to wear a scarf and bag. Then the key is to just be normal -- which in my case will mean being wide-eyed in awe of all the beautiful things!. And to try to not be intimidated by the vendeuses; Parisian saleswomen can be scary sometimes...
  12. Or have someone who is bolshy and not readily embarassed by an SA ;) I've just managed to get embarassed by my SA on the phone:

    Me: You wouldn't mind doing that search for me?
    Her: Well, I have to say it might be slightly difficult in such a short timeframe.
    Me: Perhaps if you have something else to offer...? (Just in case there are other bags to be had)
    Her: How tall is your friend?
    Me: Err...
    Her: You don't know her in real life, do you?
    Me: *embarassed bumbling*


    They know that I have a group of Hermes obsessed ladies from the internet though, so I think they've finally taken it into their stride ;)
  13. Don't forget to have a look of the new Georges V store. :yahoo:
    You have to see the 2nd floor redesigned by Rena. Very nice.

    Hermès à nouveau avenue George V12/09/2006[​IMG]
    Le 14 septembre, la maison Hermès célèbre la réouverture de sa boutique située avenue George V. Celle-ci avait été fermée pour d’importants travaux d’agrandissements et de rénovations. Réalisation de l’agence Rena Dumas Architecture, les travaux laissent place à une boutique de 335 mètres carrés sur deux étages. La boutique a gagné en surface grâce à l’ajout d’un appartement haussmannien dont la rénovation s’est faite en accord avec les Bâtiments de France, afin d’allier le mieux possible ancien et moderne. Le rez-de-chaussée se divise en espaces clairement délimités qui accueillent chacun l’un des métiers Hermès : la soie, le cuir, le prêt-à-porter homme. Un escalier central mène à l’étage où sont réunis le prêt-à-porter femme, l’art de vivre et le mobilier "Pippa". La chapellerie Motsch, reliée à Hermès depuis 1991, a, elle aussi, été rénovée.
  14. Oh good luck Soufflot. I have no advice to offer since I'm still dreaming of going to the Mothership but I do hope you find the bag your looking for. :yes:
  15. Whew... I'm wondering whether the correct protocol when arriving at the Mothership is not simply to kneel and kiss the earth a la Pontiff?!