visiting philadelphia....any shopping tips

  1. I'm visiting Philadelphia for the first time with my boyfriend next weekend and I'm wondering if there are any good shopping places?? I don't want to go to any malls (although I heard the King of Prussia mall is amazing), but I'd rather visit nice, upscale boutiques in cute areas...Any suggestions? We are staying at the Loews Hotel right next to City Hall. Thanks in advance!
  2. I think you should just go to King of Prussia. You'll find a better selection and better deals. Manayunk has some cute stores, but IMO there isn't a lot of good upscale shopping in Center City. Rittenhouse Square has some okay shops, I guess. I can't really think of anything else...
  3. I was in Philly in November and found the shopping a bit disappointing. There was one nice designer store on Walnut Street that I can't recall the name of. They had Louboutin and a ton of other great brands but other than that there wasn't much
  4. I agree that a trip to King of Prussia would be a good idea. I think there are a couple cute stores in Manayunk but its been a while since Ive been near there.
  5. ^ Yeah, there's a few places there, but if you're looking for upscale shopping there's not enough to justify the trip, kwim? IMO It's better for restaurants and bars. I used to live right near there and I never shopped there, only drank there :p...
  6. you have to go to boyds!! its a really nice department store right on chestnut...they have a lot of upscale brands!
  7. ^I've never been inside, but that's a good idea. They're having a big sale right now, too :tup:
  8. It's been a while since I lived in Philly but I have to say no matter how much you dislike malls, King of Prussia is pretty hard to pass up. It's probably the best place to shop in the area. There are a couple of nice stores in Manayunk - there is one that carries great designer shoes at very reasonable prices but the name escapes me at the moment.
  9. I was in Philly a while back (2006?) for work (at Thomas Jefferson) and there was a really cool boutique on Walnut called Matthew Izzo. They had clothes, home furnishings and a salon. I bought a jonathon adler ceramic dog there that's on my mantle now.

    Didn't get to venture to far elsewhere but stayed at Rittenhouse Square for a long weekend many years ago. We had dinner at Suzanna Foo's (sp?) and it was amazing.
  10. definitely go shopping on 3rd street (off of market street, right near your hotel. you can walk if it's nice. make sure you travel north on 3rd and not south) & visit stores like vagabond & habit. LOVE THEM!

    if you're not from this area and perhaps not a shopaholic (like me!) you may not know where to go. There are more stores along 3rd that I like but can't remember their names off the top of my head. I will say there's not a TON of stores there, but there are good ones.

    KOP is great but there are some amazing boutiques in philly, if you know where to go.

    BTW, the store mentioned above that had high end designers was probably Joan Shepp on Walnut Street.

    Walnut St is also good for shopping. On and around Walnut you'll also find stores you will have anywhere. Like Anthropoligie, Zara's, H&M, Daffy's...and some boutiques but you have to know where to look.

    Btw the location of vagabond is called Old City. Ben Franklin's old stomping grounds. :smile:

    Yes, Manayunk is good, too, but if you don't have a car a cab fare may be costly because it's not in the downtown area of the city.

    PM me if you have any other questions.
  11. Hands down, the best boutique in Philadelphia is Adresse. Stephanie and Michael (the owners) have superb taste, they're honest and will tell you if something does/doesn't work for you, and they're very pleasant people to be around. Joan Shepp is another high-end boutique but everything is priced higher than regular retail price (the same Louboutins they carry are cheaper at Saks), and the saleswomen are EXTREMELY pushy and will sell you anything to make a commission. However, if you really like something there, work with Tuesday.She's the least pushy and if you put your foot down, she knows to back off. I'm not a fan of Boyd's but enjoy having lunch there and shopping at Govberg's. Boyd's also has very pushy salespeople and God help you if you dare return something. Eye rolls and rudeness often accompany returns. Their items are also marked higher than department stores and their sales (in the women's dept.) are pretty crappy. They have a pair of Gucci shoes "marked down" to $300 and Neimans already last called the same shoes for $140. Plus, at Boyd's all sales are final on sale merchandise. Old City is okay, but I enjoy the galleries much more than the shopping. 3rd St. Habit (owned by Steven Starr's daughter) is cute, but incredibly tiny. It takes 5 minutes to go through the whole store. But if you're there, stop by Cafe Ole for a cappucino.
  12. I was recently in Philadelphia and don't know the area well. But I stayed in Rittenhouse Square and we walked around and there were several nice places for shopping. There is a Burberry, Anthropologie, Ann Taylor, and other stores. I know I saw some Louboutins in the window of a shop too, but I couldn't find it again!