Visiting NYC

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  1. Hi,
    I will be visiting manhattan, nyc on the 26 and i will only have one day there. Does anyone know where I can get a bbag? I looked up the saks and neiman marcus website, its showing that they dont' carry balenciaga...hmm. Any thing on the 5th avenue since I'll proabably stay there for quite sometime? and I would be going to woodbury outlet? anyone know if i can find some nice stuff there? thanks!!!! Also, would bbags have day after xmas sale ??? thanks A bunch! i :heart: you all :graucho: I'm in desperate needs for my first bbag!!! hehe!!!
  2. How about visit the Balenciaga Store? I would :yes:
  3. Woodbury outlets rocks! You will have a blast, but beware, it's HUGE and one day or half a day is hardly enough. In the city, go to BalNY, they'll have all the bags there. And also Barney's.
  4. Hey, do you know the location of BalNY
  5. Balny=22nd between 10 & 11 ave

    Barney's= 59th Madison Ave
  6. 524 west 22nd street btw 10th & 11th ave

    you can also try barneys at madison & 61st & jeffrey on west 14 st