Visiting NYC Next Weekend and Want to Some Serious Damage!

  1. Okay,so I am going on the swankiest of all trips( all free, lucky me!) And want to do some serious handbag shopping. I do not have a lot of cash( $300-$500) to spend on a single item but cannot leave this great shopping capital without a great bag...I know that this cannot really buy me anything from this season but think that my best option to find a good deal would be to ask all of you fashionable gals... I'd love some help ladies( and you gents on here too!)

    May 20, 2007, c/o 07, we're free!!!
  2. Congratulations!

    You may want to check out Century 21. Someone mentioned on another thread that it's good to get there early (7:30am) to see recently placed merchandise before the crowd. Have fun!
  3. I am from NY and just saw some awesome deals on Koobas and Isabella Fiores at Off Saks 5th's in Westbury Long Island if you wanted to make the trip....FYI- Century 21 is like 5 minutes from there..... Good Luck!! But Beware of the fakes on NYC street corners!!
  4. good luck and have fun!
  5. Thanks for the tip! I haven't been there, yet!