Visiting LA this Weekend - Sample Sale Suggestions???

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  1. Hi everyone,
    I will be visiting L.A. this weekend (7/24 - 7/26) and am hoping to attend some sample sales... are there any going on?

    Please respond if you know of any. Thanks in advance!
  2. Also Daily candy
  3. Thanks everyone! Anything else going on? Was hoping for a Rachel Pally, Mike & Chris, Rock & Republic, etc. sale..
  4. ^^Those usually happen in June and then again around November-December, if you're ever planning another trip to LA. There's definitely two sample sale "seasons" for the big brands. Around this time, you're more likely to find ones put on by companies or stores that have a mix of brands (although they might carry the brands you want too). HTH!
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    Rachel Pally has her sales in April and August. R&R typically has his sales in May/June and November. The L.A. showrooms have their sample sales the last Friday of every month. There are tons of sales at the Mart, Cooper Building & New Mart NOT LISTED anywhere. I've stumbled on the following sales: Joes Jeans, People's Liberation Jeans, William Rast Jeans, Isabella Fiore, Solas Handbags, Kale Handbags, Juicy Couture, AG Jeans, Taverniti So Jeans, etc, etc.

    Here's the info for the New Mart:

    Sample Sales at The New Mart

    Sample sales are held at The New Mart Building on the last Friday of each month. This is the only time that we are open to the public. During sample sales, some showrooms will sell their samples at discounted prices, and accept cash ONLY. Each showroom keeps its own hours, which are approximately 9:00 AM until 3:00 PM.

    The New Mart is located at 127 East Ninth Street, Los Angeles, California 90015, between Main and Los Angeles Streets. Parking is located on Main Street and Ninth. Entrances to our parking lot are located on both Main Street and Ninth Street.

    The next sample sale will be held on July 31, 2009. The list of showrooms who will be participating in these sales are shown below. This list will be updated as information becomes available.

    The Bank - Lobby HATCh
    Suite 203 Calvin Klein
    Suite 205 MK Sportswear
    Suite 400 Niche Showroom
    Suite 401 Diane Levin Sales
    Suite 407 Lily McNeal, Riller & Fount
    Suite 408 Tarina Tarantino
    Suite 411 Fillmore
    Suite 509 Nautica, Nautica Jeans, Southpole
    Suite 601 Mod-O-Doc, Yarns
    Suite 603 Silver Jeans/1921
    Suite 604 Hard Tail
    Suite 605 Industry
    Suite 607 Barbara James
    Suite 701 White + Warren, City Lights
    Suite 702 It's All About the Girls
    Suite 703 Betsey Johnson
    Suite 704 KLA Showroom
    Suite 709 Hale Bob
    Suite 710 Hype, Harkham
    Suite 715 Dial M
    Suite 802 Representing Accessories
    Suite 803 Miriana Ojeda
    Suite 805 Neesh, Babette, Sunlight, Sweaterhouse
    Suite 813 Frankie B, Dittos
    Suite 903 Joe's Jeans, Da-Nang and Da-Nang Kids, C&C of California
    Suite 906 Orion, Vintage Havana
    Suite 907 Nine O Seven
    Suite 913 DenimArea
    Suite 1001 Focus Showroom
    Suite 1007 For Joseph
    Suite 1100 Custo Barcelona, Agent Icon Showroom
    Suite 1103 Michael Stars, G1
    Suite 1107 Chan Luu
    Suite 1204 DKNY Jeans - Men's & Women's, DKNY Collection - Men's, Projeck Raw, Original Penguin, Report Collection
  6. How are the prices?
  7. Haute Okole~
    Thanks for the info! Am sad that there are none this weekend (when I'll be there). But will definitely keep it in mind for the future.

    Thanks again.
  8. Generally, the prices in the showrooms are GREAT! William Rast, People's Lib jeans are typically $50+. Tarina Tarantino from $1.25 to $30.00. However Juicy, Frankie B and Joes Jeans are still disappointingly high, only 30-50% off retail. No returns, cash only, and sometimes there is a line.
  9. Wow! I'm drooling over Betsey Johnson too.

    Are those other sales usually on each month as well? Or were they "one-offs"?
  10. Betsey Johnson's showroom always participates in the monthly sample sale. That is a fun showroom, some dresses and purses, but not one of the cheaper showrooms.