Visiting Hong Kong from US - advice needed

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  1. Hi Fellow tPF Parents!

    My family will be visiting Hong Kong in a few weeks, and am hoping some fellow parents with similar experience or who live in Hong Kong can chime in! We are a family of a 4 year old and a 6 month old, both boys. My 3 year old nephew (plus his parents) will be coming along as well.

    Diapers - bring or buy there? The baby wears size 2 Pampers, is the sizing similar in HK? How about cost-wise? My 4 year old is still in pull ups at night, but I'll likely bring instead of buy since he won't need very many.

    Thanks in advance - there's a good chance I'll have more questions to ask as I think through things in preparation for the trip!
  2. How long will you stay in HK? You can get Pampers in HK but I can't compare price wise. When we go to HK, my son was 7 months, we brought diapers as there's space in the luggage. I'm sure you'll shop in HK in not China, therefore the empty luggage would be extremely useful.

    On one of the other holidays in Spore, I forgot to pack diapers for our 3-day trip and had to buy Pampers, size quite close. It doesn't hurt to buy one size larger if unsure, better than smaller size.
  3. Thanks nvie! We will be there for 2 weeks. If we bring them, we'd have to bring close to 100 (prob wont need that many but why risk being just a few short?).
  4. I don't have any personal experience, but is it possible you can mail the bulk of the diapers to your destination ahead of time?
  5. Ive been to hk with baby twice this year, you will find everything you need there and readily available. Bring some nappies so you don't have to go looking for them straight away but if you want to buy pampers is everywhere. Merries is good also. I didn't find it v $$ but that is compared to Australian prices.
  6. In Hong Kong You can find diapers: size 1 for 2-5 Kg babies, size 2 for 3-6 kg babies and size 3 for 4-7 kg.
  7. Size 1 contains 80 pieces and its cost: 120 HK dollars
  8. Thanks, all, for your input!

    coconuttiger - so glad to know you have direct experience in this. Your suggestion is a good one.

    kathyrn3 - i appreciate the price and sizing info very much!

    I may wait to see how full (or not full) our luggages are before deciding what to do. If we have a lot of space left, I might as well fill it with diapers. Otherwise, I'll bring enough for the first day and then plan to buy them there. So glad have this option and it sounds like it would work out either way.

    One other thing - I'm debating whether to bring a high chair cover to HK. Baby hasn't sat in a restaurant high chair yet (though he has at home), and I just ordered one of those padded fabric covers to place on restaurant high chairs to protect baby from germs (who knows how/when those high chairs are cleaned). I ordered a fairly compact one, as we already have a really cushy one at home but it's huge so I wouldn't want to bring that overseas.

    I have been to HK before so I know there are a ton of yummy holes in the walls that likely won't even have high chairs. What did you all do with an infant in those places? Sit them on your lap while you ate? Let them stay in the stroller while you ate (there would be a space issue with this, though)? Avoid the holes in the walls altogether because it's not convenient to bring an infant to those places (me and my appetite would be so sad, though...!)

    Thanks again!
  9. As to eating in one of those yummy wholes (oh, I love them, too!), just keep the baby on your lap. The more relaxed you approach this trip, the more relaxed your kids will be!
    I would not take a high chair cover either - just use a couple of wet wipes if in doubt.

    Don't worry: In my experience you can get absolutely everything in Hong Kong.

    Enjoy your trip!
  10. Just bring some nappies and buy the rest. You will have no problems finding Pampers. For your 6 month old, it may be more convenient to keep him in a carrier (like a babybjorn) rather than lug a stroller everywhere since it gets really crowded and many restaurants are not child friendly. Also, if you will be taking taxis you will need to mentally get over the fact that generally people do not use car seats (unless you own a car) so I always carry my infant in a carrier while in a taxi although I try to minimise this.
  11. just wanted to warn you that a lot of restaurant high chairs do not have a strap i.e. it is just a big wooden chair that your baby can fall out of. If you have some sort of harness this may be useful to have. Just a thought
  12. I'd probably bring about a week's worth of diapers, and buy the rest in HK. Your first day or two on arrival will probably be too hectic, so you want to ease into it. Can you bring one of those low seating strollers that can be used as both a car seat and buggy seat? I don't know a brandname off hand but I would think these are useful to bring into restaurants because of their relatively small "footprint" space.

    I'm going to assume there are 4 adults at least during this trip, just make sure you get a lot of help handing the baby over when you are tired!
  13. Wow, great points here!

    We'll have 6 adults, 2 toddlers (my son (4) and nephew (3) ) and 1 infant (7 months). We should have enough adult hands to help but I am a bit worried about my son and nephew, who are 1 year apart. They love each other but what one has, the other one must have too. Anyway, that's a different thread topic... :smile:

    rainrowan - yes, I'll plan to bring about a week's worth when I first pack, but will see how much space I have left. We plan to bring our Baby Jogger City Mini for my infant (7 months - he's sat directly in this stroller for 2-3 weeks now and he's been fine). I'm also bringing my Ergo carrier for him, so we can have different scenarios:

    infant in stroller, preschooler walks
    infant in carrier, preschooler in stroller (esp good for napping, if he'll nap there)
    infant in carrier, preschooler walks, leave stroller behind (esp good for busy days or half-day trips or quick food/shopping runs)

    We brought the same City Mini to HK 2 years ago and I thought it worked ok, though towards the end of the trip I think we resorted to carrying/walking my then-18 month old.

    We're planning to go to Disneyland HK so I know the stroller will come in handy then.

    I think the City Mini is a better idea than the car seat on top of a low snap-n-go, would you agree? At least the City Mini is foldable (as opposed to a car seat) and it gives us flexibility in that either child could use it.

    foryoda - ah, great point about car seats not being used in taxis/cars there. I did read there were no laws around this. Last time, we brought a car seat (sunshine kids radian) because my son needed it for the plane anyway (yes, we bought him an airline ticket because I didn't want to hold a 20-something lbs toddler for a 15 hr flight - that was a great decision).

    This time, the only road vehicles we'll take for sure are for the ride from and to the HK airport. The rest of the time, we'll take MTR. We may take a taxi once or twice, but those would be only when we're in a pinch for time.

    In thinking about the rides from/to airport, I thought it better to be safe than sorry, and am planning to bring a car seat (for infant) and a light, booster seat (for preschooler). I know it might be considered a "waste" to lug those two pieces just for two 45-minute drives, but on the other hand, it increases safety for my kids and in my opinion, the "cost" isn't too much - it'd mean more equipment to put/take out of the car and haul to the check-in counter, but that's about it. I'd leave the two seats in the flat in HK, not to be used other than going from/to airport.

    What are your thoughts about this? Honestly, it'd take quite a bit of convincing to get me to change my mind, but I'm curious about what other parents think.

  14. Also, we are renting a large flat for all of us and I'm bringing the pack n play for my infant as a dedicated space where he could be safe in the flat, though I'll probably end up nursing him in bed by the morning time, which is what we do at home.
  15. Wow that is a lot of stuff you are planning to bring!
    We used a carrier the whole time, baby was 10m the first trip and 13m the second trip and a heavy girl but hk is not so stroller friendly. A lot of the shopping centres and possibly Disneyland have strollers you can borrow but we didn't bother! On the plus side, you can puts your shopping in the stroller lol

    Re taxis we didn't use a car seat, i dont think it's mandatory anywhere in Asia! At no time did it ever feel unsafe, the cars just did not travel quickly enough for them to get into a bad accident! We just held bb tightly or sat her between us holding onto her.

    I have to say I am a minimalist packer though! One thing I did pack was lots of baby food. It that wasn't necessary as they have lots there.

    We just bought sanitizing wipes to wipe down the high chair when we ate out.