visiting Canada, any stores that sell discount designer labels?

  1. I am visiting Ontario, Canada from the States and I am wondering if there are any stores that sell discount designer labels (the equivlant of Last Call or Nordstrom Rack).

    How do their prices compare the their stateside versions?

  2. Not sure where in Ontario you will be, but I just went to Vaughn Mills Outlet Mall, and Micheal Kors is having a sale, from 30-50% off. They also have Holt Renfrew Last call too, amongst other outlet stores. HTH!
  3. Winners & Marshall's. No where near as good as TJ Maxx, but you can find some deals.
  4. thank you for starting this thread, OP. Going to Ottawa and Montreal next week for 5 days and was wondering what if any good shops I should hit up. Any hidden boutique gems, consignment stores or antique stores? I'll be downtown in Ottawa. We haven't figured out where we'll stay in Montreal (will only spend a night). Sorry to hijack your thread, OP :flowers: