Visiting Boston, looking for good deals/sales

  1. Hi all. I'll be visiting Boston for the first time this week, Thurs-Fri. and was hoping to get some feedback on what stores to visit while I'm there. I plan to hit Chanel, Dior, Burberry, Marc Jacobs & Nannette Lapore, however I don't think I'll find any *steals* in these stores (although that would be great!), any suggestions where there might be some great sales going on or "must visits" would be most appreciated!!
  2. Oh, and also, is it worth the trip to visit the Copley Mall or should I stay on Newbury Street?
  3. Copley Mall and Newbury Street are right next to each other. you should go to both.

    Neiman Marcus is located within Compley and Saks is located in the other mall that's connected to Copley via a walkway bridge.
  4. There is a store on Newbury street called "Second Time Around." Actually, theres like 3 stores. They basically sell designer consignment at very good prices. I would definitly check out their main store. The H&M on newbury is pretty good as well. Not as good as NY though.
  5. the Barneys in copley mall actually has some pretty good deals sometimes
  6. Have fun not sure if you are into outlet shopping but there is a Burberry outlet just south of Boston - Wrentham Village Premium Outlets - here is the link, they always have good deals on Burberry!!!

    Have fun, there is tons of shopping on and around Newbury St.
  7. Cool, thanks for the info!
  8. Hi there Boston visitor...I just came back from there and found Harvard Square to be a total disappointment...However, back in the city on Boylston (parallel to Newbury st.) there's a newish Filene's Basement that deserves a good look...I don't know what your taste is, but there was some great cheap winter stuff on sale including super thick cashmere scarves, and some yummy looking haute designer bags under lock and key in their glass cabinets...Good luck!!:yes:
  9. I hope you have a wonderful time in Boston! Definitely check out Newbury St., then go through Prudential Center (shops there too) and walk through Bridge Court to Copley.

    For mid-range indie bags (e.g., Hayden-Harnett, Anna Corinna, Gussto), I love to browse Luna Boston at 286 Newbury St. They always have some bags on sale (check out You can also use code grechen to get 20% off.
  10. The Filene's Basement in Downtown Crossing (across the street from Boston Common) is much better. Its actually in the basement of a Filene's that had recently closed. I would peruse that one if you have the chance. I agree with you about Harvard Square though. I live by it and love it, but there isn't much shopping there. They keep closing stores to renovate the streets too, which is annoying.