Visited Woodbury commons this past two weeks? Share your premier designer deals!

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  1. I am hitting Woodbury's tomorrow! I have not been there in two years!! Can't wait to visit the "grapevines". Please share your recent deals at the premier designers!! Any comments would help.:nuts:
  2. well I have been to woodbury many times. I just want to start a thread for people to share their recent finds.
  3. I was there 3 weeks ago and it was ehhh...
    My friend bought an Edith tote at Chloe for $780, not bad.
    Chanel was very empty, Gucci was under construction so only half the store was open, Dior seems to always have the same bags...
    But it's the outlets and they get new things all the time!
    Good luck and let us know your finds!
  4. I went to Woodsbury today. Got a black patent YSL lovers bag for $860. YSL did not have leather muse (only exotics). It was a decent selection and the price wasn't bad. Sales lady was super nice. Chanel was empty, as you said. I was looking for a Burberry trench but didn't see anything I like. Got a cute scarf from Diane Von Furstenburg, two shirts from Tory Burch. Balenciaga was disappointing. Jimmy choo had lots of shoes but few bag selection. Overall I was happy I didn't see more that appealed to me. Spent too much already.:nogood:
  5. There were some Burberry trenches at the Union Square Nordstrom Rack when I was there Sunday evening....
  6. I have not visited the nordstrom rack at the union square. Did you get anything good there?
  7. I was in a hurry -- had a flight in a few hours... but I saw some Jimmy Choo handbags.. and a Versace bag (in a bright fuschia patent), lots of really nice Fermani boots (they were $199).. and.. hmm.. I don't remember what else.. but, overall it seemed worth checking out from time-to-time.

    I'd already had fun at Century 21 the day before.. got an awesome silver leather with stud and rhinestone detail (very rock and roll) Falchi bag for $39 and a smooshy pewter leather Joe's Jeans hobo bag for $69, and a super nice Leatherock belt for $25 -- and a few more things from there and a quick zip into H&M, so my suitcase was already bulging.
  8. Yeah I have not visited Century 21 in a while...I should check it out. Thanks for the info!