Visited the Coach store today...

  1. I went in to the store to check out the bags I was considering.

    Other than the beautiful brown leather, I didn't care for the Carly at all. I didn't like the slouch, it's too ..."thick" like, bottom width.

    The Ergo tote--I loved the leather. They didn't have the magazine one in stock, they only had the "regular" one. I didn't like the "Regular" at all. It was also too big at the bottom, not flat, but I think the belt is a neat detail. But the belted Magazine sounds moer like the size Im after.

    I like the Chelsea leather tote. It too was not "flat enough" but it was really nice. I like that it's not superhard to get into but yet that it is... yknow?

    I LOVE the Chelsea Leather Satchel. It's not what I really am after as far as something easily concealed under a coat but I LOVE it otherwise.

    Now Im trying to weasel the magazine for work days and the satchel for the rest of the time.

    I think Im dreaming that he's going to let me get both.