Visited Sydney FP... interesting...

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  1. Went into the city today for a couple job interviews so decided to check out the Mother Ship, in the lovely Queen Victoria building.

    Lots of Legacy to look at, no new Madison in yet. But I did discover that -

    1. As much as I enjoy all the Legacy reveals, nothing moved me - except the American Icon tote, which they only had in Chocolate and I think I might have fallen for in Carnelian... but nay so okay! I definitely know that colorblock is not me, in anything - but they didn't have the camel combination recently revealed so there still may be a smidgen of hope there... (heheheh I was carrying my Exotic Colorblock Louisa too, which I find quite humorous in retrospect.)

    2. I know for a certainty that I am not nor ever likely to be a Caroline purse-on. They had several, including the Aubergine gathered/pleated which I toted around for a few minutes. It's way too much purse for me (and at $2000 AU, way too much for my budget as well!) It's beautiful, I can appreciate it from afar but I do not want to drive that sucker, no sirree. (Now I possibly could be tempted into a Carrie, especially a gathered one, but none were to be seen in Sydney so SAFE on that one!)

    3. Aegean Sophia and Aubergine Gathered Sophia... love. love love but WHY can't they be Large Sophias? Why why WHY????

    4. I say I'm not a Lindsey girl but that Aubergine Gathered oh yum. I could be persuaded. But not at AU prices.

    5. Now for the really interesting bit - in store sales! 30-50% off selected stock. They don't do PCE like in the US (at least the somewhat un-informed SA didn't know what the heck I was talking about) but they have several shelves and tables of sale items. Aubergine Patent Abigail (not an Abby fan but that bag was smokin') the Chelsea Flagship Dowel Flap in Black (if they had had the Curry I would have fallen, $600 AU or so on sale, but only had Black) and a very pretty brown gathered Sophia, not sure the exact color name but beautiful rich brown. Quite a few other bags but nothing that stood out like those.

    There were some khaki OPA bags with this gorgeous apricot/light coral leather trim - I never noticed those before and if that leather was used in another bag I would have bought it on the spot. I was on my way out when I noticed them so didn't fully check them out (a Sophia and a Lindsey I think) but that trim color was divine, hope to see more of it.

    I didn't buy anything, wasn't in the mood to be impulsive, just needed to sniff some new leather for a few. Ahhhhh...
  2. Very interesting report! In-store sales! Hmmmm! That could be cool at some point in the future if they have something you love! Sounds like it was an interesting trip, I loved hearing about what they had!

    And best wishes on your job interviews!
  3. Yes, I remember the in-store sales when I went to the FP stores in Melbourne. Sadly, the bags were still exxy :sad:.

    Good luck on your interviews :smile:!