Visited LV - news, rumours and gossip

  1. I was absent the past few days, because I visited the town I attended college in, to visit some friends and do some uni-related stuff. The town has a LV boutique, and for the past year I was a very steady and regular customer. Most s.a.s knew my name, offered me drinks and gave me catalogues without me asking for them.

    Anyway, on Tuesday I went to the boutique again and asked for my favourite s.a. - the deputy shop manager- the gorgeous and friendly Ms. Lovely. When she saw me, she greeted my warmly and helped me with my purchase.

    Much more interesting than what I bought, a Damier Canvas Ludlow, is the news she shared with me. Ms. Lovely knows that I know a lot about LV and she likes to give me hints about behind-the-scene news.

    The Neverfull has been the biggest hit LV has had for quite some time. It is constantly sold out and LV is very happy about the fact. Its idea of creating an affordable entry-level bag paid off big time. However, according to some, the Neverfull is not only one of the cheapest but also most useless LV bags. I was made aware of its lack of distinctive features and possible flaws. I was also told that the main target audience for the bag, young women that usually cannot afford LV came aflocking, glad to finally be able to afford a (big) piece of Mono Canvas.

    Suhali Verone: LV predicts a huge success for the bags in this colour, especially the Lock-it. Apparently LV thinks Verone will be one of the it-colours of the fall season.

    Degrade line: the line has created a major buzz among LV customers and the waiting lists for the not-exoctics bags are long. Especially the Speedy is in high demand, but LV won't increase its production. Which means: the Degrade line is quite, if not very, limited and many will be disappointed because they won't be getting a bag. But at least they will enter the boutiques any maybe fall in love with another, not-limited item.

    Monogram Bequia: made to order, so far only one bag has been ordered and sold at my boutique. The Bequia leather trim is supposed to be stunning, as Ms. Lovely used quite a lot of superlatives to describe it.

    Olympe Line Part II: Another string of superlatives was used to describe the two grey Olympe bags. LV is sure they will sell out as well, especially since the Ecru bags were a spring-summer hit.

    What I saw:

    Waterproof Keepall: sorry I hated the black plastic trim, so It did nothing for me.

    Exotic Marilyn bags: I posted about those two bags before, LV hoped to sell the bags to two young and wealthy girls in my town, but apparently the sale did not go through. The two bags are still there and will serve as display pieces. It is a pity, because they are very very pretty.

    Denim Neo Cabby: I saw no black Denim version, as that is sold out, but I did not really fancy the blue one.

    Exotic LV: as many of you know it is possible to special order LV bags in exotic skins like ostrich and crocodile/alligator. Not many do that, as people prefer to go to Hermes for their exotic purchases. Anyways, my boutique has two new exotic bags on display: a mini Alma in grey/violet croc and a L'Aimable in orange shiny croc with gold hardware.

    New LV belts: I saw the new women's belts, those with the thin strap and the new Louis Vuitton signature buckle. Very pretty, very girly.
  2. ohhh those exotique marylins they sound Gorgeous:drool: what color where they?

    and yes the mono bequia bags are a pain in the &$%@ like I can't get one I called several stores including mine and they all said I can't have one, I wasn't gonna use it anyway lol...
  3. Thanks for sharing the value info.

    I'd been hesitant about getting the mirage speedy (even though I was the first one on the list at my store :shame:smile: because it's so overpriced.
    Now you've opened my eyes and convinced me that that bag is totally be mine. :nuts:
  4. White MC with pink croc trim and pink&purple LV placement and black MC with violet croc trim and violet&yellow LV placement.
  5. oooh Id love to see one I don't like the black MC version they look kind of weird, thanx...
  6. It is expensive, I know, but I'd recommend you to get it, and if you don't like it, sell it for a profit... he he... a girl has got to eat right?
  7. Did your SA mention what the flaws of the Neverfull are? Because I'm thinking of getting the Damier version when it finally hits the shops. Is it the handles? They seem very thin for a bag that holds a lot of stuff.
  8. Yes, Ms. Lovely main point of criticism were the handles.
  9. thanks for the info! and congrats on your ludlow!

    i'm glad i dind't bought the neverfull! thanks to the BF for talking me out of that one!
  10. Thank you for your news. Wow, that is a very pragmatic view indeed, very businesslike of them. Not that there's anything wrong with it, they are a business after all, but I am once more reminded not to jump onto any bandwagon.
  11. Ow wow, that made me feel so special about my neverfull :hrmm:

    They have many mono bags in the same price range likt the BH...
  12. Thanks for the info! I wonder if I should buy my Mirage speedys just to resell them if they will be that hard to buy!
  13. Thanks for the info-

    I'd like to know more about the MIROIR line-
  14. Well, I love my Neverfull, and I'm not a young girl with limited means. I like having aN LV that isn't quite so expensive that I can use as an everyday bag & not worry about.
    I quite like the narrow handles since they are different from the heavier rolled handles.
    Whatever the marketing strategy was, & regardless of who the bag was aimed at, I love my Neverfull PM anyway.
  15. congrats on your ludlow :smile: & thanks for the info!!