Visited "H" today...All By MYSELF!

  1. And took home a new goodie!

  2. Your bracelet??????????????????????
  3. I hadn't even MEANT to go to H today! I went to Tiffany's (stop laughing SoCal and CB! I can't HELP myself!) to take back the necklace my DH got me for V-day...not to take it BACK! Just to send it in to get the chain enlarged! It doesn't really fit (I wore it last night with and extender...but, I can't DO that every day!). So I dropped the necklace off (I posted pics of it in the Jewelry Box...under "My Funny Valentine") and went outside...and H was soooo I wandered over...
  4. NO! Wait for it!
  5. see if the bracelet I had wanted on Saturday was in...just 'cause I was in the neighborhood.

    Heather (my friendly SA) said it wasn't.

    ...She didn't recognize me but, eyed my gorgy engagement ring and then paid attention. Once I refreshed her memory, she was super-nice!

    So, since I was there, I decided to try on some OTHER bracelets!
  6. And I came home with a goodie!

    But, first! A pic of my Hermes lovin' gato! Isn't she CUTE?

  7. Does anyone want to see pics of my goodie??
  8. sounds as if there is an H trio ( least!) in your future?????
  9. ...that sounded dirty...should I rephrase that?
  10. Oh TOTALLY! I'm STILL gonna' get the OTHER one!...Dang it! Now I'm addicted!
  11. HERE IT IS!

  12. Oops... :roflmfao:

    Love your avatar!

  13. There it is!!! Will look great with your Tiffany lovelies!!! Congrats!!!
  14. I KNOW! I love it to bits! Here's me modeling it...badly but, still!

  15. I love it!!! Totally gorgeous!