Visited a brand new Coach boutique too close to me today!


Changes mind always!
Aug 25, 2007
There is a new boutique in a mall closer to me that I go to every 2 weeks to get my nails done! Yikes, am I in trouble! I went in there to check it out. I hadn't seen a lot of the new bags IRL, only on here. I started talking to the SA's, which were more knowledgeable than usual. They were so sweet. There were 2 young ones and I told them about tPF, because they wanted to know how I knew so much. LOL They knew my SA at the other store in West County, too, and they threatened to call him and tell him I'm switching stores. So funny!

I know a lot of you don't like the new Garcia leather, but one thing I will say, it's a lot lighter! OMG, such beautiful bags!!!! :nuts:
I love that new legacy tote with the brown leather trim, handles and flap. Just different. AND the Bordeau sig Zoe is calling my name!!!!!!! :drool:

AND, of course, I found the perfect wallet for that new metallic satchel. Why are wallets so expensive????

I resisted all temptation somehow since I still have not found a job and it is looking dismal!!!

Just wanted to give a report on a new boutique in Chesterfield, MO and some great SA's!! :woohoo:


Jul 31, 2008
I know how you feel, a boutique opened about 5 minutes where I work in August...yikes! If only it would have been a outlet, darn it, my wallet would be in less trouble...ummm, I think :confused1:

mary G

Oct 14, 2007
I hope you find a job soon! I am sending you good vibes!!!! also I went to that store this weekend they seem very nice and helpful! pretty store also!