Visit to the store today - SUCKED!

  1. I stopped in the store today and i was sorely disappointed. All they had out was the Hamptons Weekend. So the scribble, patchwork and solids. NO CHARMS, NO WALLETS, NO WRISTLETS, NO WATERMELON CHARM. NADA!

    Apparently anything else that's supposed to come out in March won't be out until March 5th.

    I wanted to see the pieced wristlet and the multi flower key chain. Nope.

    I saw the green Hamptons, the large size does fit snugly over my winter coat, but it was just sooo "eh"

    Helped my pocketbook, but I was seriously bummed.
  2. sorry you had a not so thrilling experience. hopefully come march the keyfobs and charms will make up for it
  3. well that sucks...yeah, I noticed the watermelon charm wasn't in any CT stores yet....odd...
  4. huge disapointment here too!!!!
    not wowed by anything in the store..
    they did'nt even have catalogs to give said in march with the new floor set
    i was really looking forward to the new charms, wristlets, etc
    but no such luck...
  5. Does anyone think the new totes will be sold out within the next two weeks? I have to wait until then to get the Scribble. My boutique has it now but I can't get it because I got a rare bag that I've been wanting for two years this week.
  6. boo, i was gonna head over but i don't think it's worth it just for the hamptons bags. i wanna see all the pretty new accessories! :blah:
  7. My trip to the store sucked also! However they did have the kiss lock perfume bag, wristlet, the little pouch bag and scarf and they also had the flower coin purses and that was the highlight of my trip. I did not get anything but a headache from looking in the look book. I do not think I am too fond of the canvas thing and the prices on all other canvas items except for the Hampton weekend are almost as leather. The bottoms of the bags are canvas and natural color at that.
  8. I found the same thing when I popped into the KoP store today. I was kind of glad though - otherwise, I probably would've started spending way too much!
  9. kiss lock perfume bag? I did not see that in the new catalog. Will someone post a pic if there is one?
  10. OT but what'd ya get??? :graucho:

    Okay, sorry...:back2topic: I really want a large Hamptons weekend but I'm not getting my hopes up. The black is too dark for me for summer, the white has that bright yellow trim (I love yellow, but I'd prefer if it were in brown or something more neutral), and while I love the green bag, it would clash with everything I own. Oh well. It's probably for the best then that nothing else is out yet since I shouldn't really be spending anymore money...since my Mandy's here and waiting to be picked up! :yahoo:
  11. Pretty much the same here, although I did get the HW small tote in white. BUT the only one they had in the store was the display, so they ordered it for me (along with the legacy stripe wristlet :yahoo: ). I was so totally expecting to see more accessories.
  12. There is a huge delay on stuff :sad: We didn't get a lot of things yet since they moved the date up so hopefully March 5th!
  13. but my store said they have the pieced wristlet, just can't put it out yet. :crybaby:
  14. aww, that's the worst, when you know it's there but you can't have it.
  15. Dawn,

    It is not in the new catalog, however if you type in pink under search at the coach site you can see the perfume scarf print and it is a little bag about 8 X 4 at the most with that print with darker pink leather trim if I remember right and it gathers a little as it gets to the top and it has a little kiss latch. It runs around 110. I think there will be pics March 5th. I think they have other things to match it but I do not care for that print as a tote but thought that was really adorable.

    Ok...I just went and checked the site and now the print is not coming up anymore.