Visit to the outlets this weekend!

  1. We have a Burberry outlet in Niagara Falls, NY.
  2. Was able to get the pink burberry scarf after all last weekend when I went to woodbury commons to do a charge send from the NY outlet. thanks for the info elise!
  3. Anytime! I'm so happy I could help!
  4. This is my favorite! It's so convenient and matches quite a few of my purses. (I'm still working on DH to model his trench! :sneaky:)
  5. Yeah! I saw those in a green check! Too! After the sale they were like $30 or $40?
  6. Yeah! 38 I think. Awesome price!
  7. Which outlet is this? xo
  8. They're all gone now:sad:
  9. At Niagara falls, ny outlet.
  10. I've never been to a Burberry outlet and I was just wondering ... I know that the items sold in a coach outlet store are mostly only produced for the outlet and were never actually sold in a coach full price store. Is this the same for a Burberry outlet store or were these items once sold in the Burberry full priced stores and now are just largely discounted ?
  11. The outlets definitely have some of the same products that are sold at the regular Burberry, and other department stores.
  12. Burberry does NOT make products for "outlet", like Coach does. That is called "factory", and "factory" means the products are of a lower quality than retail, and some factory outlets, like J.Crew, Banana Republic, Anne Taylor, etc. do not even use real leather! That is why you never see factory items in retail stores. Sometimes in Coach factory stores, if an entire line of a specific bag is stitched wrong, they will send all the bags to their Factory stores. Burberry outlets are ALL items that were in retail stores from previous seasons, and are sometimes up to 2 to 3 seasons old. Burberry does not usually have large "sale" sections in their retail stores, so if you go to a retail store in spring, chances are you won't see last fall's items, unless they are classic pieces, like Haymarket, House Check, Beat Check, Nova Check, Smoke Check...these pieces are classic to Burberry and will remain in the retail stores longer. That's why when you go to a Burberry outlet store, you don't see tons of classic check pattern items because they sell so well in retail stores, that they don't need to be sent to the outlets as often! I know for sure the Niagara Falls, NY outlet currently has items in their store that I just saw on, and this process is also the same for Gucci outlets! One last thing, Burberry will NEVER sell damaged or broken items at a discounted price at their outlets. If there is a quality control problem with a specific item, the item must immediately be removed from the sales floor and sent back to their corporate offices to be repaired, but often times destroyed.
  13. All fabulous!
  14. I went to the Burberry outlet in Niagra falls after Christmas and got a navy wool pea coat that I had wanted for several months after seeing it full price in the retail store. It was $699 full price and had just arrived in the outlet that week. I got it for $250. Perfect condition.
  15. Everything at the Niagara Falls outlet that was on sale before is now an extra 50% off till items run out. Not a lot of small sizes...10, 12, and 14 are the majority of sizes.