Visit to Macy's

  1. So armed with my giftcard I went to Macy's. Do you know that Macy's doesn't sell Levis anymore? :sad:

    Anyhow, I saw the large quilted Annalisa and the leather also. Somehow though I loved them online but did not like them on me because the straps were too thick where they attached to the bag and gave the bag a sort of look like a baby sling.

    I wanted to buy the large quilted medium tote, but unfortunately they only had the small. I tried on the drawstring, but it looked a little too casual for professional wear.

    I didn't have much of a choice in bags, so I didn't buy something I didn't fall in love with, but came back empty handed. Keep the suggestions coming, I would like to be updated on what's new!
  2. Hmm...sorry that the annalisa was not what you expected. :sad: But I'm sure that the bag you want will be there. ;)

    Does your store carry anything from the alto line...? I'm really loving that line.
  3. I bought a east/west slouch in white with honey trim. Its so much prettier in person than in the pictures.
  4. ^^That was a beautiful bag that I saw there. Unfortunately they only had the largest size. I wanted something smaller...
  5. we soo do in the young men's dept....

    Did you look at the lock sac??? I love the look of it, its so comfy!!
  6. well i went to macy's and saw/fondled the lock sac and almos died it was so nice... i'm so peeved i'm broke lol!