Visit to Louis Vuitton on the Champs Elysees!

  1. Hi ladies-

    I just found this site (thank goodness) when I was doing a search for the now infamous "" .

    .. but ... the newbie here has quite a tale to tell!

    I am in Paris on business right now (yes, I know- poor me... LOL!), and just had a friend come to visit me from New York City for the last few days. She'd never been to Paris, and so I anticipated being a tour guide. I asked her where she'd like to go, so that I could come up with a game plan. Tour Eiffel, Montmartre, the Louvre, etc.


    Whoa.. I hadn't ever dared venture in there because I know I would have no self control and would be divorced in 10 mins... but how can you say no to a friend. :smile:

    So- off we went. We arrived at the store. Took a few deep breaths before going in to Mecca, and entered. Of course, there were throngs of people in the store, and with my decent but not great French, I figured we would be largely ignored.

    A lovely sales person named Virginie came over to us, almost immediately. At first I told her why we were here in French, that my friend had never been to Paris, etc. She asked where we were from, and I told her. She said "would you rather I spoke English?" We laughed and for my friend's sake (she had zero French) I told her that would be very nice.

    She had perfect English, and began to bring us bags to see. Now- as I said it was crowded, but she was so lovely- and even cleared the obvious "window shoppers" out of the way of the mirrors so my friend could look at herself with the various GORGEOUS bags. I was nearly drooling on myself the whole time! hahah..

    She said to me, even if I wasn't going to buy one today along with my friend, that I should have a look too, because it's fun. Then she told an associate of hers to bring us....


    I kid you not. We stood in the LV store on the Champs Elysees in Paris drinking Champagne and trying on decadent bags. I had to pinch my friend to make sure we weren't dreaming. All the other shoppers, wandering by - wondering why in the world we were the only ones with Champagne. (mind you- i wondered too, but when someone hands you free Champagne in Paris- you drink it and say Merci.)

    After much deliberation, my friend had just about decided on the new Manhattan bag - the large one - designed in part by Marc Jacobs. It was so gorgeous.. but it was a lot of money. Side note- oddly? It was far less than she'd seen it for in the USA. I'm new to LV, so I couldn't verify if it was actually the case or not.

    Virginie saw that we were just about ready to do it- but that my friend was nervous about spending so much money... she said "this is a very big and important purchase. Go have lunch, and come back if you would still like it. I will be here all day, and I will write everything down for you, should I be on a break. You can speak to any associate".

    Now- that is customer service! She was genuine in telling us to think about it, and not being upset that we needed to! We did go to lunch... and after an entire bottle of wine between us (which always helps) - we went back in and my friend bought her first LV bag.

    I was *this* close to a divorce with the Deauville in my hands... but managed to keep my marriage in tact by walking away for the time being. A few more months of savings, and I can have my bag and keep my husband too!

    I just had to write this all down - what a lovely experience. Should any of you have the opportunity to get to Paris? DO go to the boutique. It's an experience and a half!

    Christine, newbie LV junkie :smile:
  2. Welcome to the forum :biggrin: What a lovely experience. I love the Manhattan GM, it's such a beauty :love:
    I would love to go to Paris someday and visit Champs Elysees, The Louvre, Orsay, Versailles Palace, and many, many more. I've been planning for so long. *sigh*
  3. What a great story ~ your turn next!
  4. You bet my turn next!

    I can't wait... I actually am having a rough time deciding which bag I'll break the bank with... the Deauville or the Babylone.. *sigh*

  5. awww brilliant story!
    i love that shop its amazing! when my mum bought her keepall they offered me and her champagne whilst we waited for the heat stamping but we were nervous and scared and declined... we regretted it after sitting there for 5 minutes though. When i bought my speedy in paris i went to galeries l'afayette so it was only a small bag, we were only in paris for a few hours whilst visitng disney (my sisters ballet group were dancing there) and we didnt have time to go upto the main store.

    Good luck on the saving by the way, im saving for gucci shoes at the moment (half a month to go :biggrin:)
  6. What fun !!! Superb customer service story.

    p.s: The Deauville !!! Your turn next. :nuts:
  7. WOW_ Great story..When I was in Paris in September..the new store wasnt opened yet..I hear its absolutely breathtaking! What fun!!
  8. What a wonderful experience! Did you get any pics?
  9. Wow! what a lovely story! Last time I was in Paris it hadn't opened yet, I went to LV in St.Germain which was just like any other LV... I have the Manhattan GM, I:love: :love: it! I love the Deauville aswell...:biggrin:
  10. Wow that sounds like so much fun! I love the way you told your story, i felt like i was there (and wished i was!) I hope you enjoy the rest of your time in Paris :biggrin:
  11. Sounds like you had a wonderful time there. May be it's time for your first LV.
    btw, welcome to the PF
  12. Actually- we weren't allowed to take any pictures in the store... Which made us sad!

    But we did get one with my friend and her bag in FRONT of the store :smile:

  13. Welcome to the PF! What a lovely story! I am so happy for your friend with her first LV! And to purchase it in such a beautiful city and have such great service, champagne, lunch, wine and all with a good friend just adds so much to the experience! And you getting to keep your marriage in tact - how wonderful ;)!

    Thanks for the story! I look forward to many more posts!
  14. Yummy story and welcome! I got sucked in and tried to imagine myself sipping champagne and shopping...then I woke up and realized I'm in my office at home working...doh!
  15. What a lovely story...hopefully you will be able to purchase your deauville soon:biggrin: