Visit to Chanel...and my new small purchase!

  1. I went downtown with my boyfriend today for his interview and while he was being interviewed I dropped by Holt Renfrew and went to Chanel.

    I saw the metallic gold wallet on a chain, the new classic Chanel bowlers in both sizes, the "drill" bags, blue satin clutch from cruise, etc. If anyone is looking for black/black patent Cambon, Calgary HR has a bowler and the larger tote.

    While I was there, a lady was looking one of the new E/W in the navy colour...there was a cream one on display. I wish they ordered the pink in! She seemed extremely happy when the SA told her this was the only one left that's available for purchase in Canada (she actually kind of cackled, hugged the bag, and said, "Yes, and it's MINE!!!")

    My SA left awhile ago so I was SA-less but the SA helping me today will be my new SA. She was super patient standing there waiting for me to go through all the costume jewelry and brought out the Camellia jewelry out for me (she read my mind) I really like the big Camellia ring but it was so heavy and I really have no use for it. I also loved the bracelet and earrings that came with it, but left with this instead:


    I was debating between this and the one with the crystals but thought the other was a little too "bling bling" on my neck. I have the earrings already and maybe worn together the crystals may be too much. This one's CC is bigger and much more subtle. I love it!

    chanel2.jpg chanel3.jpg
  2. wow it is very pretty! i havent seen anothe rlike it before.
  3. Very sweet. Congrats on your find!
  4. it looks great on you!! i love the chain!
  5. very pretty!
  6. looks good on you!
  7. Very pretty and delicate, looks great on you. Congrats on it and finding a new SA, I know how much of a wonderful feat that can be :biggrin:
  8. It's perfect for you! You really know what suits you! :yes:
  9. Looks great karman! keke - I got the camelia ring - it IS a bit heavier than I thought it'd be but too pretty for me to leave behind in the store!

    Congrats gal! This will look great with your flap!
  10. Very pretty, love it.
  11. dang! that means i missed out on the navy e/w. i knew it was coming in and was hoping to see it since the 227 reissue in the metallic navy was way too big for me.
    i wish they got the pink in as well!
    beautiful necklace and thanks for the update!
  12. Very pretty - congrats on your new purchase !

    I wonder if the woman that score the navy bag is a tPF-er. :graucho:
  13. Congrats! Looks really pretty on you
  14. it's lovely! and funny story about that other woman...I totally would have done the same thing! lol!
  15. Oh, I love it! It looks so good on you!