visions of sugar PLUM(s) and the RING of the jingle bells.....:)

  1. they're here!!!!!:yahoo:

    i am over the moon:girlsigh:.....please excuse my poor photog skills and if you know me from lv or chanel, i ALWAYS include modeling pics, but i need a rain check til friday on them.
    promise i will, but feeling a tad yucky and want to do these babies justice.:yes:

    halunfishie--i will pm you to tell you about the plum will love it!:love:

    robyn---thank you a million times over for ALL your wonderful support and advice.:heart:

    and in case anyone is confused, apparently, i was, :pbc i was getting the RING all along in the black biker with watersnake trim, but thought it was the RIKI....i love both styles and a RIKI is in my future, but i got the styles confused, i think .....oops! beginner's mistake. :shame:

    i will be hanging my plum mahala to loosen her up a bit. using my ring as we speak. completely a wonderful many did, thought it would be much bigger.....

    both are successes and i see some accessories in my near future too!

    and a merry christmas and a happy new year to all my new choo friends!:tup:

    on to the pics....
    plum mahala.jpg plum mahala 2.jpg biker ring.jpg biker ring 2.jpg
  2. :yahoo: :yahoo: Yeah Mick

    I am so happy you like the Plum Mahala :sweatdrop:

    I am always so worried when I recommend something I like, but I just hoped you would love her if you saw her IRL :woohoo:

    Now, more :choochoo: :choochoo: for Mick :party:
  3. FANbloodyTASTIC! :yahoo:

    You've made a great leap on the CHOO train. :choochoo: :choochoo:
  4. I love the plum. The pictures members post are so much better than those on store sites.
  5. Wooooohoooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats Mick!!! I know you've been excited for your new Choos to arrive - yay!!! They are FAB!!!!!!!!!!! I especially love the Ring bag...soooo hot. Can't wait for those modelling pics! :yahoo: :yahoo:

    P.S. I don't ever really venture into the JC forum, but definitely wanted to see pics of your new babies! ;)
  6. Mick! They are fabulous!! :yahoo: I did hang my Mahala with some weight in it too before I took it out to the real world. Great! Enjoy them! We'll be waiting for more pics! :nuts:
  7. thank you auctionaddict-- i actually think my pics are not so great,:shame: but the bag speaks for it.:love:
    bella--leap i did!;)thanks!

    abi--thank you and i promise.....more pics later this week.

    shar--holy cow! :nuts:you work quick:p...i just sent you a PM telling you they had arrived.....heehee! thanks for checking in pal! :heart:

    ok, i'm off to karate soon:wlae:--back online later....thank you all for sharing my joy!:okay: i'll check in later!
  8. The plum Mahala is gorgeous but I am a Ring girl through and through! LOVE the Ring! :love::heart::love:

    I'm so happy you got one and that you love it too! :tup: My next favorite bag is the'll love that one as well! You've got great taste, kid! :okay:
  9. Mick - Great bags! I have that Ring, and I just love those outside pockets! And the plum Mahala, :girlsigh:
  10. Those two bags are fantastic first additions to a JC collection!!!! Mick, you are making me want to search for a Plum Mahala too LOL
  11. Don't worry Bonniec Casey will find one for you tomorrow:yes: and you too shall be a proud owner of the TDF Liquid Patent Mahala :yahoo: (it better not end up in your trunk either or I will personally come :bagslap: you)
  12. Mick -- what a great start for your Choo collection!!! Can't wait for the modeling shots.
  13. thank you stinkerbelle--the riki is def next!:graucho:

    jburgh--all those pockets are great! :tup:

    jayjay--thanks! :flowers:i promise i will post modeling pics.

    bonnie--you'll love it! :love:get one!:yes:
  14. Well, I'm trying to convince myself that I don't want this bag. I remember snagging a Maddy and having a hard time with the width of the bag... With JC boutiques, all sales are final, if I remember.

    I just found the Plum Mahala on the website. Since I'm pretty much always up, maybe I'll just stalk the website and get it from there (in case I need to return). That's how I snagged the Maddy a while back when there were only 2 left in the system...

    No, I really don't want a Mahala. Don't get the wrong idea. It looks great on everyone else, but no, I don't want one. :nogood:
  15. Mick, the bags look great. Are you using the ring already? :woohoo: You are quick! I can't wait to see your modeling pics on Friday. believe me, I'll be glued to this thread first thing in the morning.

    By the way, any luck finding the clutches and wallets at Saks?