Visionaire #32

  1. My Visionaire #32 "Where?" issue arrived today; I bit the bullet and ordered it from Amazon--I'd been thinking about getting it for sometime, but after seeing Jaegerhomme's I ordered it. :yes: It is a lovely collection of 55 postcards resulting from a collaboration between Jean-Louis Dumas, the president of Hermes, and Stephan Gan, the editor of Visionaire; the postcards are designed by a variety of contributors including Bruce Weber and Peter Lindbergh and are enclosed in what I think is a Vache Natural case with a pencil, all of which are placed in the old velour dustbag and an Hermes box. 3500 copies were issued. Here are some pix--the watercolor on the postcard in the upper right is a sketch by Jean-Louis Dumas.

    More info on the collaboration can be found by clicking on issue #32 at:

    It's a great buy for Hermes lovers; the postcards are truly beautiful! It is also interesting that the "Hermes stamp" on the leather case has a different font that on the bags. The "Hermes" font used is identical to the typeface used on their boxes.
    CIMG1406.jpg CIMG1409.jpg CIMG1408.jpg
  2. Lovely cards and card case! Congrats
  3. I ordered this, too....can't wait to get it!!
  4. my god I just noticed your avatar K, too funny :nuts: :nuts:
  5. I remember there was one before, #26, that came with an Hermes mask. Does anyone have that one?
  6. Congratulations Orchids! Is it not a beautiful leather case and smells wonderful as well? What is interesting is there are no stitching on this piece, just nice pieces of cut leather put together with only a strap around holding it together. It looks unique like a carrier for small manuscripts. Stephen Gan is currently the creative director for Harper's Bazaar. Enjoy!!!
  7. Thanks for the tip E--I'm going to see if I can hunt #26 down.

    Rose & Jaegerhomme--Thank you; the case is really beautiful and the scent is wonderful!
  8. O, that's beautiful! what a gorgeous collectible piece!
  9. Wow Orchids, this is an incredible piece! Thanks for your lovely pictures and description.
  10. love it, orchids!

    i'm curious how you plan to use it. or is it something you purchased more as a collectable? (or is it collectible? i can't spell for squat.)
  11. So beautiful Orchid! :heart: It would be hard for me to send out those post cards!!

    Since the case comes with a pencil, can you use it also to maybe fit a palm, or portable calendar, or pictures? TISSUE??
  12. Thanks SG, DQ, & NHL! I purchased this more as a collectible. Can't bring myself to use the Vache Natural--it would be scuffed up in a second. Although the case would be great for a handheld, a notepad, agenda, and tissue (great idea NHL)--it's pretty big and would take up some room in my already stuffed bag.
  13. That' one nice piece Orchid, I'm thinking to purchase one as well :heart: