Vision Problems??

  1. I am due in a few weeks, but this week I'm' noticing that I have to strain to read and see the computer or magazines. It's almost blurry. Anyone else have this? I have a Dr. appt. tomarrow so I will ask. Just wondering. It's giving me a real headache.
  2. How did your appt go? I am wondering if you are dehydrated. Sometimes my vision blurs when my blood pressure is high. Hope everything is okay.
  3. It is normal for minor vision changes to occur during and after pregnancy. Which is why they suggest you wait until 3 months after delivering before getting new lens or glasses prescriptions, and putting off Lasik until after you've had your kids.
  4. Appt. went fine. BP is normal and I don't have protien or anything, so I guess I will just have to deal for a few more weeks!
  5. My doctor told me that the fluid retention can even affect your eyeballs and change the shape. It should go back to normal after delivery. I actually just found out this week that some women even get pregnancy-induced carpal tunnel from the fluid putting extra pressure on the little nerve tunnel in their wrists! It's crazy how much it changes our bodies.