Vision II Zip wallet

  1. Ok tPFers - I need a little help here. I just bought a gorgeous turquoise chevre Vision II zip agenda/wallet. I see the slots for the cards and the currency pocket.. and the pen loop, but what goes in those funny little hooks? Is that where the agenda filler goes??:shrugs:

    TIA --
  2. Yuppers!!
  3. Roger that -- felt a little stupid when I opened it and had no idea what those little thingies were for!
  4. Are you going to use it as an agenda with a filler, or more of an organizer/wallet?

    BTW, I almost bought this very item but settled on the Ulysee (no card slots, though)
  5. the little hook it's to put you agenda refill (diary)... or you can put a blank pad to put somes notes or an address book.
  6. I'm actually probably not going to use it as an agenda, but might put a blank pad in there for notes. My Blackberry fits PERFECTLY in there -- so that's my agenda!
  7. I have the azap zip wallet and love it - absolutely LOVE it!! No room for agenda though.....I do have a small agenda and it has the hooks which I thought were weird until I did get the refill....
  8. :smile: Can we see pictures?
  9. I was eyeing the one agenda you have, funnyredhed! Congrats! it's a beautiful piece....aqua....sigh :love:
  10. Thanks! It is a beautiful color - I just adore it. I'll take some pictures when I get it home tonight.:flowers:
  11. congrat funnyredhot
    aqua is gorgeous
  12. Here are the pics -- I love the way my Blackberry fits in there so perfectly!
    ATT2194814.jpg ATT2194882.jpg ATT2195047.jpg ATT2195087.jpg
  13. Did you get it off Luxury-Zurich?
  14. I did -
  15. It's gorge! Congrats... I hope you weren't also the buyer of the penguin bracelet because then I'd have to be horribly jealous :smile: