Vision/GM Agenda...Can anyone answer this question?

  1. I know there is an option for one pin or two pin on the interior of both the GM agenda or the Vision. What are the options for purchase to place on the inside? (agenda, plain paper etc.)

    Is there such a thing as an address book that can be placed on one pin inside? I am not talking about that small paper book you see, but an actual address book that maybe attached in on the pin. So, on one pin would be the agenda and the other an address book. Does anyone have a picture of this?

    Also, what colors in chevre have you been seeing around lately at your boutiques in these styles.

    Appreciate your help!:ty:
  2. And, do they stay pretty closed in the handbag, or do they flap open?
  3. Anyone? Can anyone help with this?

    This seems to be one I can't get an answer for.
  4. KB, I have a Vision (non-zip) w/one hook. When I was looking at agendas, the cover actually had more options than I thought. In addition to the zipped Vision, there is the basic one and then there is another one w/credit card slots (my version) that costs a bit more than the one on their website. As for the inserts, there is a blank book that you can hook into the Vision in lieu of or in addition to the calendar (if you have two hooks). I was not aware of a larger address book insert that you can hook in, other than the thin address booklet they give you that you slide into the back pocket along with the foldout calendar.

    The front part of the cover has an area to insert loose leaf blank paper (pack of 100 sheets is about $10). I do know that they started making address book inserts for the Ulysee so if you're looking for an address book, perhaps check those out. I'd ask your SA to check the system for available colors, but colors I've seen in Chevre: Etoupe, Turquoise, Orange, Vert Anis, Vermillion, Rose Shocking, Black, Noisette, Graphite, and a few more I can't remember. There are some on the H website right now I believe.

    Here's a photo of mine in Etoupe Chevre w/the credit card slots on the inside back cover. If you get an open Vision, I highly recommend getting a Carmencita to go in it--can't remember which size mine is but it's very hand to mark where you are in your calendar.

    As for issues with it flopping open, I tend to put it vertically in my Kelly or pages down horizontally so that I haven't had an issue with it. HTH!:heart: