visible vs. hidden price tags -- thoughts?

  1. Hi all . . . I was just in HK w/ my DH last week and had fun with the over-the-top retail there. The Chanel boutiques were gorgeous and one thing I really liked, beside each bag on the display shelves was a tiny black and white enamel sign with the price. (in HK $$, after a week I can now proudly divide pretty well in my head by 7.8 ;) ) The signs were small and discreet, and I found myself wishing that the Chanel stores in the States did the same thing . . . I hate having to fish thru the bag or have a sometimes condescending SA sigh and give me the price; call me crazy but I DO want to know if the bag is $1800, $2200, $3000+ before committing my heart to it! (esp. since the prices keep going north). What do you think . . .am I just being tacky to wish that the pricing was a little more accessible? :shrugs: Anyway, thanks for letting me vent my Sunday night ramble!
  2. haha! I know what you mean. It's embarassing when an SA stares you down as you fish for the price inside a bag. Although, I think HK does it because they dont want you to "dirty" their things if you're not ready to pay that price.
  3. I thought it was just me! I *hate* digging for the price tag. Please let the sign trend start over here.

    Glad you had fun in HK!
  4. That's an excellent idea! I also like the "they don't want you to "dirty their things" approach.
  5. and also, when your hands are full of shopping bags, you can't "dig" the price tags inside. it's too troublesome.
  6. I agree I feel weird when i'm looking at a bag but i'm trying to open pockets to find the price... i feel weird asking and looking it makes me feel like i'm being cheap wanting to know the price..... if they discreetly put the price in a decent place to view i would feel tons better on what i should even bother looking at
  7. i know LOL
    sometimes thought at high end boutiques, i never really tried to look for the tag, i'll just ask the SA :p
    as long as u don't show suprise face, i think they won't let u down LOL
  8. I completely agree, I also feel embarassed and intimidated when I walk into the NM or Boutiques because if I go in to purchase something it's because I've been saving up for it or my husband is letting me get it for x-mas, bday, etc. I'm not someone that can just go in and drop benjamins like it's no big deal. I wish they did put little prices by the windows like LV does for the smaller items in the glass cases. That way I would know if it's out of my range.
  9. So funny! But so true... keep a straight face! :smile:
  10. Chanel probably puts the tags on the inside because (and I do agree), it is kinda tacky to have a sign screaming the price. It would be convenient because you'd know automatically if a bag was out of your range, but aesthetically it would look bad imo.

    I don't mind asking the SA a million times the prices of everything (or rummaging through the bag)- the SA's I deal with don't seem to mind either. I guess they are just more down to earth than other SAs.

    I find out the prices of items I am interested in before I go shopping so I know what to expect.

    Chanel probably also thinks that
    "the people" who buy Chanel don't need to look at the price tag anyway so it might as well be hidden. :rolleyes:
  11. I just returned from a weekend in HK as well, and came away with my 3rd Chanel. I would have to agree with them not wanting everyone to casually maul their bags for the price tag. I noticed each time an SA handles a bag, they actually put on little white fabric gloves!
  12. Thank you to this forum I usually know the price of the bags before I enter the store and because I don't always 'dress up' for shopping I like to see the shocked face of the SA when I buy a $2000 bag on the spot, dressed like somebody that just got out of bed... eheheh :rolleyes: but all the same I like seeing price tags