Visible Bra Straps: The fashion faux pas of the summer + Other No- No's

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    Amy Winehouse: Not ashamed to flaunt her bra

    This summer's biggest fashion faux pas is the VBS - or Visible Bra Strap - according a new survey.

    Displaying the rogue straps, which frequently slip out from behind tiny blouse sleeves, is the most disastrous and "cheap looking" gaffe a woman can make this year, according to the poll.
    The style crime, frequently committed by celebrities including Amy Winehouse, echoes the infamous VPL, or visible panty line.
    Other no-no's include chipped nail varnish at number two on the list, too skimpy skirts, wearing sock with sandals and revelaing thongs, according to the survey by Wonderbra.
    The survey found 57 per cent of women - and 42 per cent of men - found the VBS a turn-off, labelling it "unattractive".

    A third of women said it looked "cheap".
    With record breaking temperatures predicted this summer the number of women wearing skimpy, bra revealing clothes is set to soar and the female population is on course for months of fair weather fashion dilemmas.
    More than a quarter, 26 per cent, of frustrated women admitted tucking bra straps into their tops in an effort to keep them hidden, while 24 per cent say they go bra-less and 23 per cent reach for bikini tops instead.
    Other tricks to disguise their embarrassment include cutting the straps off, wearing a strapless bra, buying a new top, wearing a vest underneath, buying a new bra, using see through straps and wearing decorative straps.
    When it comes to which garments cause the most grief, off the shoulder tops (64 per cent), shoestring vests (63 per cent), halter-necks (63 per cent), plunging necklines (63 per cent) and strapless tops (62 per cent) were all cited as the biggest culprits for causing VBS.
    Wonderbra marketing director Tracy Hayward said: "One hundred years after the launch of the bra it is amazing to think women are still unable to find the right fit for their clothes.
    "Fashion has evolved to bring us all these fabulously varied styles and with the new Multiplunge, the bra has finally come of age too."
    The survey of more than a thousand adults also found we are a nation of fashion spies, with 87 per cent of women and 70 per cent of men having spotted VBS on other people.

    Socks with sandals were seen by 78 per cent of the population, while 67 per cent have spotted knicker showing skirts.
    And it is in the street where the VBS crime is committed the most, with 89 per cent of people noticing it out and about.
    Nightclubs, bars and restaurants are also places to spot the VBS. In the wake of their study Wonderbra will be visiting cities across the country with its 'Strap Squad' showing off Wonderbra's revolutionary Multiplunge, which can be fastened in 100 different ways.
  2. I agree, it is a bad look..
  3. Amy Winehouse is a bad look!
  4. Who is Amy Winehouse?
  5. A dirty druggie singer
  6. This is why I don't wear tanks with really skinny straps, and I have yet to find a strapless bra that REALLYworks...
  7. It took someone THIS long to figure out that looks slutty?? :blink:
  8. How do you hide them, though? Like, when you're wearing tank tops and stuff?

    I just buy bras with cute straps.
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    Seeing red: Gwen Stefani strikes out with a bold frilly number. Britney Spears, who usually prefers to not wear a bra at all, puts her straps on show

    [​IMG] Guilty: Kylie Minogue lets one slip, while singer Pink's bra pops from her top

    A third of women said it looked "cheap".

    Fashionistas would wag a finger at Coleen McLoughlin look, while Sharon Stone ignores the basic instinct to tuck straps in
  10. You can wear a racerback bra :smile:
  11. It's one thing if your bra straps are on display ON PURPOSE (which I think is tacky). But if they peek out by accident, no big whoop! No one's perfect.
  12. yeah, i think it looks cheap too. i try to not let that happen with my bra! and i was just thinking about this topic when i was sitting in class yesterday and this girl w/red bra straps wearing a lime green tank top was partially distracting me! lol. thanks for this compilation
  13. IMO the bras with see through plastic straps are the a tube top (yes I see that regularly) try to hide it...NOT:push:
  14. I strongly believe PURPOSLY showing interior atttire such a bra or thong etc.. it is not lady like, very tacky IMHO, however there are times when accidents happens, but most of the times things can be prevented, I personaly wear strapless bra with summery tops or thin camis wiht delicate straps from stores like American Apparel, VS or Gap underneath revealing top or sundresses.
    This is my personal opinion and no intentions to offend anyone:yes: