Virtually Useless but SOOO Cute! Chanel Case

  1. definitely doesnt look caviar.. it would make a cute coin purse i guess, hehe.
  2. Kodi, did you ever get your vest and how was it? Just wondering. The little case is cute but kind of uselessly small. For the woman who has everything............
  3. she sent me an email on friday saying she mailed the vest. so, with the holiday i doubt i'll see it until after xmas. i'm pretty stressed but hoping i got lucky. will def post pix when it arrives.

  4. no. that's not caviar. it's cute but really useless.
  5. is it authentic?
  6. Like the LV wapity... (useless factor)
    Cute though :biggrin:
  7. at elast wapity's bigger LOL it's 4.3"x 3"x 1.7"
  8. looks like vintage case but not sure if it's geninue! Anyway, it's cutie!!