Food Virtual Potluck!

Blair Waldorf

Aug 15, 2006
Who's hungry? Let's have us a little feast!
I've got a whole pan of baked ziti, bathed in a hearty tomato sauce and glued together with strings and ribbons of melted cheese. It's piping hot and smells like heaven. Plenty for everyone. What did you bring?
Mmmmm, everything sounds wonderful so far. Well, since ziti is on the table, I guess I'll bring some garlic bread. My garlic bread can fend off any vampire within a 50 mile radius.
Thai or Chinese Spicy curry with chicken, rice... mmmm Shrimp on the side or Crabs. Destert with chocolate lifindors, Strawberry or Cookie and Cream ice cream and heck, add godiva on the top of the icecreams! yum!