Virtual lollipop to the math wiz who can help me figure this out! :)

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  1. I'm selling a bag on ebay, and right now there are 3 other bags at virtually the same price and same condition.

    I want to be able to make my price as low as possibly to edge them out, but I can NEVER figure out what my keep will be after ebay fees.

    So...I would like to pocket (after fees) $1,000

    I want to do it as a bin- so here's what ebay says...they lose me after the

    12.0% of the initial $50.00, plus 9.0% of the next $50.01 - $1,000.00, plus 2.0% of the remaining final sale price balance ($1,000.01 - final sale price)

    My paypal fees are 3.9%

    So...what's the lowest price that I could list this with a bin, and pocket a total of $1000???
  2. I had no idea ebay fees on were so expensive, it's less on

    Anyway, to answer your question, I worked it out that you would need to charge $1172 (someone feel free to correct me!) BUT: This doens't take into account the insertion fees (or the fact you will have a paypal fee on postage). So charge a bit more.
  3. no idea how different things on are than here in AU, but have you included the gallery fees, listing fees etc ?
  4. crap, i already have it listed for less than that. I hate ebay. :cursing:
  5. Don't know if this helps you or not OP, but I calculated $1139 (not including listing fees / P&P / any paypal on P&P?) :hrmm:
  6. omg, I am totally bookmarking those!!!!
    I ended up selling it yesterday on bonanzle, but I forgot to add the pp fees, and only got $985. LOL
    Oh well. :smile:
    Thanks for the links, those are awesome!
  7. You can also type " ebay calculator" or "paypal calculator" into GOOGLE in addition to the calculators posted above.
  8. If you list it at $1140, you'll have, after fees, $1001.24. But that doesn't include shipping.

    ETA: Oh, crap, I see you already sold it. :Push: $985 is still good, isn't it? At least you sold it...these days it can take a while to sell anything...
  9. wow the fees are so much higher then ebay AU!

    Glad you sold it OP. you weren't too much under what you wanted for it!