Virtual Gift Cards from Neiman Marcus

  1. Hello!

    Just wanted to know if anyone here has ever received a "virtual gift card" from Neiman's? My family sent me one on Wednesday, and accoring to their website, it should have been delivered to my e-mail account yesterday! I called them and they said that it was still processing, but I've been checking my e-mail (and looking in my junk mail) to see if I missed it. My family forwarded their confirmation e-mail and they do have my e-mail address correctly.

    I'm just really impatient because I have a few bags on hold at Neiman's that I would LOVE to use the gift cards towards.

    Has anyone here had a similar experience? I've ordered and received e-mail gift certificates in the past, and have found that every retailer that I've done this with, they send it within 2 or 3 hours. So, I'm really starting to get annoyed. :mad: And, I just praised NM in another thread for having awesome customer service before this happened. Go figure....sorry for the long morning rant.