Virna Hobo - Has anyone seen this anywhere?

  1. I saw this in the most recent issue of Teen Vogue magazine and I really like this bag. I did a google search and can't find it anywhere - I searched TPF's MJ reference section on F/W 2007 bags, and the only Virna bag listed is the Mixed Tote. I'm sure I can try calling the MJ store tomrrow, but just wondered if anyone here knew anything about it?

  2. i love this bag! it's about as big as the regular sized mix quilted tote. it was re-released with a leather strap on the chain handle to make it more comfortable to carry. when i was at the mj boutique last week, they had it in grey, cognac, and ivory. it's currently available on the bergdorf website for $1295. here's the link:

    are you thinking about getting it? :graucho:

  3. If I can find it on sale or with a d/c code, I'd like to, but according to BG's website, it's a pre-order so it must be part of the S/S line - I just assumed the color in the pic was berry, which I thought was part of the F/W line - I was hoping to find it on sale somewhere, but I couldn't find it anywhere - I would LOVE to see that bag in gray - I bet it's really pretty!

    Does anyone know if I called the MJ boutique if they would call me when (if) the bag went on sale or got marked down? Do they ever do that?
  4. ^^^Cute bag! I :heart: the Mix Quilted line!
  5. pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!:drool:
  6. the bag is part of the fall 07 line. bg has had it for pre-order on their site for months now. i'm not really sure why. it's been available at the boutique since mid summer. the color in the ad is berry and it has sold out long ago (at the ny store anyway).

    you can try calling a sa to see what they say, but the boutiques rarely, if ever, have sales. when they do, the handbags are excluded. there was a sale this time last year in which the selma bags went for around $200 each, but it doesn't look like it's going to happen again this year. i think their clothing and shoe sale just ended or might still be going on until their stock depletes. you can call to ask if they will be having the handbag sale this year.
  7. either that bag or a similar one was at MJ LA a week or two ago
  8. Really cute!!
  9. ^^^That's too bad. :tdown: I'll be in New York late next week and was hoping to get some deals at the MJ boutique. Hopefully Saks, Bergdorfs, Barneys, etc., will have some sale MJs left...
  10. I saw this bag at Nordstroms tonight and I really like it alot, has two inner snap closures (one on each end) that don't catch very well, so the bag sorta hangs open (then it doesn't hang that nicely on your shoulder) -

    The leather is so soft and supple however and the ends are quilted - it does look like a miniature version of the mixed quilt tote (but it's not that small of a bag - I'd say about a mid-size bag). The chain strap has the leather pad so it fits comfortably on your shoulder.

    I think I might be watching for this bag to go on sale in gray!!!
  11. WOW. that bag is SEX. and I usually don't like bags from the quilted or mixed line...
  12. Very cute! I especially love the berry color! :drool: