Virginia Louboutin Lovers


Dec 23, 2011
Hey Dolls,

So I am new to this section of the purse forum. I am usually in the Chanel forum because I collect their classic handbags ::love:. I guess I am fairly new to Louboutins. I have 4 pairs (Just purchased one today thanks to some of you guys:biggrin:). I have recently decided to buy one pair a month :graucho: I love wild pairs. I don't go for the simple colors unless its a Daffodil or a platform. The craziest and highest heels attract me :cool: All my purchases have came from the official Christian Louboutin website. I have never purchased one from a boutique or a store because I do not know where to go in my state. :Push: I live in Virginia, to be specific Richmond and nobody sells them here. Sadly I don't live in New York. So I was wondering if anybody who lives in Virginia can give me advice on where to purchase these shoes if there is one. I always feel like my options are limited just because I rely heavily on websites (Neiman Marcus, Saks, CL site) and it makes me frustrated :woot: I luckily have been able to score 4 awesome pairs but I would like another option for purchasing.


I am going NYC the end of the month :biggrin: so I am probably going to get my 5th pair (I know I know I said one a month, but this month I am making an exception:graucho:). Hopefully Ill score a beauty!!


lettin' them have it
Nov 29, 2010
welcome! idk if there are options in Richmond but I know there are CLs at Saks and NM in Tyson's Corner


Jul 2, 2011
DC Area
Hi and welcome! I'm in Arlington and there is also the Neiman at Mazza Gallerie and I've seen a pair or two at the Neiman Last Call in Potomac Mills Mall, which I think is in Dale City.